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Fall Fundraising ProgramIt’s that time of year again. While most people are thinking about getting ready for summer, the dedicated fundraising coordinators are already thinking about next school year. Don’t worry, we are too!

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Popcornopolis on Silicon ValleyThe boys from HBO’s hit tech startup comedy Silicon Valley fought hard for two things in May 8’s episode titled "Meinertzhagen's Haversack": Pied Piper as a platform and the mayorship of Popcornopolis.

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2 Broke Girls

Popcorn can win back your ex according to another Broke Girl.


Here’s the truth... It is impossible to guarantee that you can get a previous girlfriend back 100% of the time. However, Popcornopolis offers a variety of mouthwatering treats that makes any corny guy seem sweet.

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Popcornopolis Bonfire 1Last Wednesday, 39 citizens from the town of Popcornopolis (with our friends and families) gathered at Dockweiler Beach for the 1st Annual Popcornopolis Bonfire. Dockweiler is one of the only public beaches in SoCal with fire pits, and it just happens to be super-close to our headquarters in El Segundo.

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Popcornopolis Party 1 My housemates love to entertain. Dave is an excellent mixologist. Mike is a formidable home chef. (I like to take pictures.) Of course it goes without saying that we all love popcorn! Here’s a glimpse of last Wednesday’s little get-together…

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Popcornopolis Fun Facts Poster

A little history, a little humor and lots of delectable factoids cleverly captured for all you popcorn aficionados are available as a free download from Popcornopolis!


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Ice Cream Sundae Ingredients

When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, mom loved getting “Neapolitan” ice cream from the local Thrifty drug store. (Yeah, its true. We actually used to buy our ice cream from the drug store back then!) If you haven’t had it, Neapolitan is a specially made ice cream that comes in stripes of Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate.

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Popcorn and Wine Pairings

2/18/2016 4:55 PM

Popcornopolis and ONEHOPE Wines

Try something deliciously different for your next party! Invite the gang over for a gourmet popcorn and wine tasting fête, and enjoy an evening of scrumptious fun with your favorite pals!


ONEHOPE WINE recently created some spectacular wine and popcorn pairings, featuring your Popcornopolis favorites. The combinations are sure to please the most discerning palates and garner rave reviews!

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KIPP Empower AcademyPopcornopolis makes it easy for students to learn all about their favorite whole grain snack while raising money to support their school! Read on to discover your students can “learn while they earn” with Popcornopolis Fundraising!

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Mother Lode Youth Soccer

Did you know that Popcornopolis’ fundraising program is perfect for sports and booster clubs? It’s TRUE!! Read on to discover how you can raise more money, more easily than ever before.

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