Halloween Popcorn Favorites

Halloween Favorites

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  •   Case of 40 Mini Cones

    Mini Cones
    Case of 40

    With 40 Mini Cones in each case, you'll have a splendid supply of happiness and fun for every occasion.  Select from our world-famous Caramel Corn, the salty-sweet Kettle Corn, our unbelievably robust Cheddar Cheese or the extraordinary Zebra™ Chocolate.  Can't decide?  It's okay; you can also order a mixed case that includes 10 cones of all four flavors!

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price $49.99

    5-Cone Gift Basket

    Imagine Halloween without the bewitching flavor (and truly monstrous crunch) of The World’s Best Gourmet Popcorn™—what a chilling thought! Over the years, our iconic goody basket has become an All Hallows Eve gift-giving tradition, guaranteed to send shivers of delight down the spines of young and old alike. None can escape the spell cast by our seasonal assortment of Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Toast, Zebra® and Pumpkin Spice, for it’s just too delicious to resist. Or, click the Modify Assortment button to customize the flavors in this gift basket, below. (Price will vary depending on flavors selected.)

    Starting at $38.99
  •   HALLOWEEN • Mini Gift Baskets (6)

    Mini Gift Baskets (6)

    For sure, everybody loves Mini Cones; they’re the easiest and most fun gifts to give, for any occasion. Each cone is packed with a generous serving of our fresh, 100% gluten-free gourmet popcorn. And every Halloween-themed basket features 5 cones of our most popular flavors: Zebra® Popcorn, Caramel (2), Kettle Corn and Cheddar Cheese. Packed 6 baskets to a case. At under $10 each, Mini Cone Baskets are an affordable way to completely floor everyone on your halloween gift list!

    2 Gallon-Tin

    With Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Corn and Zebra Popcorn, we've chosen a fearsome threesome of popular Halloween flavors for this delightful party tin, but you can also create your own signature collection by clicking the Modify Assortment button. Then just scroll down and adjust the flavors as desired. (Prices $39.99 to $49.98 depending on flavors selected.) At two whole gallons—this tin is indeed a celebration of monumental proportions, just waiting for you to open the lid! Our recloseable tin comes filled to the rim with three classic flavors, all made with the finest ingredients and guaranteed to please everyone…for a good long while!

    Starting at $46.65
    5-Cone Gift Basket

    A perfect gift to bring to your family's Thanksgiving feast or any other Autumn event! This gift box features 5 regular cones of our Caramel, Cheddar Cheese, Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Toast and Zebra® Popcorn presented in a beautiful Autumn Harvest gift basket, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a red raffia bow. It's ready to give and so much fun to receive!Or, click the Modify Assortment button to customize the flavors in this gift basket, below. (Price will vary depending on flavors selected.)

    Starting at $36.99
    2-Gallon Tin

    Celebrate the return of Fall and the gift of Autumn’s harvest with this colorful Fall leaves tin. Inside, three of our classic Fall favorites will delight your senses. First, there’s crispy, crunchy Kettle Corn—as American as freedom itself—with just the right combination of salty and sweet. Then, our inimitable Caramel Corn, whose buttery crunch will win you over again and again. Finally, enjoy the World’s Best Cheddar Cheese corn—robust and intensely satisfying. This is a classic Autumn cornucopia of gourmet goodness worth sharing!

    Starting at $39.99
  • Pumpkin Spice

    Pumpkin pie lovers will rejoice over Pumpkin Spice, our world-famous caramel corn, dusted with an addictive blend of all-natural, freshly ground allspice and cinnamon, then generously drizzled with premium white confectioners chocolate.

    Starting at $93.98

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