Certified Organic Popcorn


  • Organic
    6-Tin Gift Set

    We’ve always done things the old-fashioned way at Popcornopolis using natural ingredients to create popcorn that reminds you of the good old days. When the opportunity to go organic came along, we jumped on it. Our new USDA organic flavors will knock your socks off:  • White Cheddar • Snickerdoodle • Caramel Corn • Wild Raspberry • Caramel & Cheddar • Toasted Coconut Impress the foodies in your life with this stunning Organic 6-Tin Gift Set. Present it before dinner, and you might not make it through the kale salad before someone declares “it’s time for popcorn!” Like everything we sell, these gift sets are backed by our 100% guarantee of satisfaction: If you’re not completely delighted, contact us for a replacement or refund.   

    Mixed Case of 10

    Welcome! Looking for organic? You’ve come to the right place! Two varieties of USDA Organic Popcorn grown in the American heartland, make this a MUST HAVE case for wholesome snacking.   Organic Classic Salted is pure unabashed popcorn goodness—the kind of “eat-it by the handful” bliss that only Popcornopolis can provide. It’s nothing more (and nothing less) than 100% American Grown Popcorn™ popped in organic coconut oil and perfectly salted. Non-GMO Project Verified, this is the pinnacle of better-for-you snacking that tastes amazing and is SO satisfying!  Popcornopolis Organic Kettle Corn is a classic in its own right—part of the American snacking lexicon going back over two centuries. Ours boasts the perfect balance of salty and sweet, with that delectable Popcornopolis crunch that comes from picking the perfect organic corn hybrid and carefully popping it in organic coconut oil. YUM!!   Each case contains 5 bags of each—a perfect snack-pantry stocker if ever there was one.

    Mixed Case of 15

    Welcome to organic snacking nirvana! Popcornopolis’ newest assortment of recipes is USDA Organic and crafted from 100% American Grown Popcorn™. Popped in organic coconut oil, these five new flavors offer all the zing and addictive crunch that Popcornopolis is known for.   Here’s the lineup…  • Organic Caramel Corn—a delightful new take on our family Caramel Corn recipe! • Organic White Cheddar—creamy, robust and all-around delicious cheese corn! • Organic Chicago Style—a colorful mash-up of Caramel Corn AND White Cheddar! • Wild Raspberry—crispy, fruity and a little bit sweet, this is an all-new treat you’ll love! • Toasted Coconut—warm and nutty, it’s like a tropical vacation for your tastebuds!  Each case contains 3 bags of each, for a total of 15 bags per case.

    30 Popcorn Snack Bags

    Wow! 15 individual snack bags of Popcornopolis Organic Classic Salted and Organic Kettle Corn under one lid! Perfect for daily snacking, school lunches and more. USDA Organic, popped in organic coconut oil, Non-GMO Project Verified, and featuring 100% American Grown Popcorn, this is Popcornopolis at its healthiest! Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union. Of course it couldn’t wear the Popcornopolis name if it wasn’t 100% delicious and “made the way it oughta be”! We guarantee it.