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Love & Romance

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    Popcorn Lovebirds Sampler

    With so many great Popcornopolis recipes, it can be difficult to choose. Well, now you can try them ALL, in a package that’s convenient, beautiful, and made for sharing. Perfect for gift-giving, family snacking, or as a way to solve the age-old question: “which Popcornopolis flavor is my favorite?” Finally, there’s an easy way to go about the delightful work of that flavorful research! Each Popcorn Sampler Box contains a generous serving of: Jalapeño Cheddar Popcorn Pecan Caramel Popcorn Raspberry Greek Yogurt Popcorn Almond Toffee Popcorn White Cheddar Popcorn Caramel Corn Popcorn Coconut Bliss Popcorn Lemon Heaven Popcorn Strawberries & Cream Popcorn Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn Almond Caramel Popcorn Zebra® Popcorn Cinnamon Bun Popcorn Kettle Corn Popcorn Chicago Style Popcorn (50/50 Mix of Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn) Cinnamon Toast Popcorn Cupcake Popcorn Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

    12-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    At last, a gift of love to match the size of your heart! This magnificent  Valentine's 12-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket is a substantial and tasteful gift, and will convey your feelings in grand style. The specially designed basket contains 12 cones of our most-loved flavors: Almond Caramel, Zebra® Popcorn, Cinnamon Toast, Cinnamon Bun, Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn, White Cheddar, Cheddar Cheese, Lemon Heaven, Cupcake and Jalapeno Cheddar. Guaranteed to delight!

    5-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    Special tastes for that special someone. Your love popcorn box is filled with five cones of our traditional best-sellers and new favorites: Caramel, Kettle, Cheddar Cheese, Cinnamon Toast and, of course, Zebra® Popcorn! We wrap each box in cellophane and top it off with a matching raffia bow. A great way to say "Be Mine".

    7-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    Your special someone will find plenty to love in our custom-built 7-Cone “Love” Popcorn Gift Basket—namely, seven generous servings of The World’s Best Gourmet Popcorn™ chosen especially for him or her. Your Valentine's basket is filled with some of our traditional best-sellers and new favorite flavors: Caramel and Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Toast, Cheddar Cheese and, of course, Zebra® Popcorn! We wrap each box in cellophane and top it off with a matching raffia bow. A great way to say "I Love You" on Valentine's Day or any day of the year! Click the Customize Assortment button to customize the flavors in this gift basket, below. (Price will vary depending on flavors selected) .

    Mini Popcorn Gift Baskets (6)

    Got a lot of special someones on your “Be Mine” list? We have just the thing to amaze and delight every one of your sweethearts: gift baskets containing five mini popcorn cones of insanely delicious Popcornopolis favorites: Zebra® Popcorn, Kettle Corn and Cheddar Cheese flavors, plus two cones of our award-winning Caramel Corn. Ready to give, these specially designed "Love" baskets are sure to be a hit with classmates, coworkers, party attendees and significant others alike! A great gift idea for many occasions throughout the year. Packed six gift baskets to a case, and at under $10 each, a great value!