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  •   Cookies & Cream Popcorn

    Cookies & Cream
    Case of 12 Small Cones

    Not sure why it took us so many years to finally offer Cookies & Cream popcorn. In hindsight, it all seems so obvious. But like any good thing that takes time, this original creation was WORTH THE WAIT! Check out its delicious balance between chocolatey cookie crumbs, creamy frosting, and sweetly crispy popcorn from America’s heartland. You’ll find Popcornopolis Cookies & Cream in the dictionary under D, for delicious! Helpful hint: Try this flavor today, before we eat it all.

  •   Mermaid Popcorn™ • Case of 12 Small Cones

    Mermaid Popcorn™
    Case of 12 Small Cones

    Popcornopolis Mermaid Popcorn™ is the treat that dreams are made of! We’ve taken everything amazing about our sweet and crunchy kettle corn and given it a magical twist of fruity deliciousness, all in playful colors of aqua, pink and yellow. Includes 12 small cones, with a mix of 4 enchanting mermaid characters, guaranteed to brighten the day of any child...or child at heart! This fabulous flavor is great for gifting, fantastic as a mythical party favor or smile inducing as an everyday snack! And, it’s made with 100% American grown corn, kosher certified and gluten-free.

    2-Gal Car/Ched/Ket

    A magnificent combination of sweet and savory seasonings, this combination tin is generously packed with three of our best-loved flavors. As always, we start with top-tier popcorn, grown in the Midwest and bursting with genuine corn taste. Slowly simmered for a rich, old-world flavor, our legendary Caramel Popcorn is exquisitely flavored with farm-fresh butter and all-American sugar. Our gourmet-quality Cheddar Cheese Popcorn has the creamy, robust taste that comes only from premium-quality, all-natural cheese. And just one bite of this tantalizing Kettle Corn immediately reveals the difference--our expert blend of just the right amounts of sugar and salt wins over everyone who tastes it!

  • Unicorn Mini Cones
    Case of 24

    Popcornopolis Unicorn Popcorn® is a magical treat beyond compare! Each bite blends the sweetness of dreams with the fantasy of fruitiness. Made with natural berry and lemon flavors and the outrageous colors to match! Iced with creamy splendor and packed into fun, Unicorn-themed mini cones—guaranteed to delight every young wizard and princess—and the inner child within us “grown-ups” too! Like all Popcornopolis creations, Unicorn is not only super delicious, but made with 100% American-grown corn and certified gluten-free! Each mini cone contains 2 oz of delicious Unicorn Popcorn®, and the cones are packed 24 to a case.

  • Sparkly Springtime Mini Cones
    Case of 40

    Snack-sized popcorn treats shine brightly! Zebra®, Caramel, Cheddar & Kettle. Case of 40 mini gifts.

  • Unicorn Mini Cones
    Case of 40

    Unicorn Popcorn® is a uniquely delicious, very colorful, sweet and lemony treat. 40 mini cones perfect for sharing.

  • Mini Cones
    Case of 40

    With 40 delicious popcorn mini cones in each case, you'll have a generous supply of popcorn gifts or snacks.

  • Nearly Naked Popcorn
    Case of 5 - 12 oz Bags

    This tender white popcorn tastes better than any other, guaranteed! The perfect treat for everyday snacking.

  • Create-Your-Own 40 Mini Cone Assortment

    40 perfect snack-size servings of Popcornopolis popcorn in trademarked mini cones. Makes great snacks or cute gifts.

  • Nearly Naked Popcorn
    Case of 3 - 22 oz Bags

    These are the large club-size bags you’ve heard about, containing delicious white popcorn for family snacking.

    3.5-Gallon Popcorn Tin

    A generous supply of gourmet popcorn! Featured favorites: Zebra®, Caramel & Kettle, or create your own!

    7-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    Irresistible popcorn gift features 7 Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn creations. Tied with a bow and ready to give!

    5-Cone Gift Basket

    Our 5-cone basket makes a delightful birthday gift! 5 top-selling flavors, or customize with their favorites.

  • Limited Edition 1
    40 Metallic Mini Cones

    Featuring four favorites: (Zebra, Caramel, Cheddar & Kettle Corn). 40 colorful mini cones sparkle brightly.

    2-Gallon Popcorn Tin

    The snacking possibilities are endless with this gourmet popcorn tin! Featuring Chocolatey Zebra®, Caramel Corn & Kettle Corn.

    5-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    Our best-selling popcorn basket is a can’t-miss gift! Includes 5 customer favorites, including Zebra® Popcorn!

    2-Gal Nearly Naked Popcorn Tin

    Nearly Naked is Popcornopolis’ answer to those plain popcorns that taste like cardboard. We guarantee you’ll switch.

    12-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    The most impressive popcorn gift basket! Featuring our finest creations, this gift will make them smile! Guaranteed.

    Mini Gift Baskets (6)

    A gift basket that allows you to share Popcornopolis’ goodness with everyone! 5 mini cones in each. 6 baskets total.

    Mini Gift Baskets (12)

    Give 12 precious Popcornopolis gift baskets for under $10 apiece—each containing 5 mini cones of gourmet popcorn.

     3.5-Gal Nearly Naked Tin

    The largest tin of our deliciously tender white popcorn. Nearly Naked is the snack your family has been waiting for.