• Nearly Naked Popcorn
    Case of 5 - 12 oz Bags

    If you love popcorn—truly love popcorn—this is your bag. You’ll never find truer flavor, or a more satisfying crunch, than what’s waiting inside. We call it The World’s Best Gourmet Popcorn™, but you’ll call it delightful. Nearly Naked is the au naturel version of our insanely delicious popcorn, and it’s just what the name implies: farm-fresh popcorn in all its natural glory, with no more than coconut oil and a dash of salt to highlight its exceptional flavor. And at just 33 calories per cup, it’s the kind of snack that allows everyone to overcome their inhibitions.  New: Nearly Naked is Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union!  Great for 3.5 Gallon Tin refills! Nearly Naked is also available in 4.5 oz bags Here's a recent customer review that we really enjoyed... Nearly Naked Diet:  Fantastic! This popcorn tastes great and is a wonderfully filling snack throughout the day. My husband calls it his nearly naked diet and has lost 28 pounds in the past six months by substituting this for his old snack items.– Posted on April 16, 2016