Last week, CBS aired the 5th season 8th episode of it’s hit sitcom, 2 BROKE GIRLS titled “And the loophole.” Beth Behrs plays Caroline, a pampered blonde who joins the working class as a waitress after a string of bad luck. She shares the spotlight of the series alongside her roommate, a more comedic Kat Dennings (Max).


I don’t want to spoil the episode, but this is why you should tune in!


Randy, who is Max’s ex-boyfriend decides that he can’t see life without her. Like the saying goes, “The best way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach”…or is it guys? Whatever! Well, that Randy is a class act! Max and Caroline returned to their Brooklyn, NY apartment to find a huge mysterious package at their doorstep. Now, brace yourself because when I saw what it contained I nearly fell in love myself!



Max screamed “Oh good God, its three kinds of popcorn” as she pulled out three JUMBO…YES…JUMBO cones of delicious Buttered Up, Savory Cheddar, and Sweet Sweet Caramel. I mean, there are levels to popcorn and this my friend is the top floor. I felt the sincerity of her forgiveness forming as she enjoyed her first few mouthfuls of Caramel and Cheddar paired. What?? LOL! Everyone does it! Take a couple of each, Popcornopolis calls it Chicago Style.


Just like any concerned BFF, Caroline isn’t buying Randy’s gimmick. She thinks that Max is allowing her Rite Aid grocery isle favorite to cloud her judgement. I’m not sure if Max, or I care if there was some other hot chick at his local convenience store, grocery, or club that gave him the idea, but we thank them.


Needless to say, Max took him back. For the night at least! I can’t say I blame her, I saw him Nearly Naked just like the rest of America in that next scene. Plus, who can resist POPCORNOPOLIS?!? Invite the ex, grab some irresistible Popcornopolis popcorn and make sure to catch this and the other 2 Broke Girl episodes, Thursdays on CBS @ 9:30/8:30c!