Feeling patriotic? Feed the feeling…with popcorn!

Here at Popcornopolis we’re proud to call ourselves an American company. After all, popcorn is more than a snack, it’s a national pastime. It’s right there with us at the movies, at baseball games, at county fairs and expositions. It treats us in front of the TV, at family gatherings and when we’re on the go. And while it’s popular throughout the world, it’s an unmistakably American delight.

According to the Popcorn Board (and yes, there is a Popcorn Board!), Americans consume about 14 billion quarts of popped popcorn each year. If you’re like many Americans, that means you’ve eaten about 43 quarts of popcorn yourself over the past year.

That’s a long way from its burgeoning popularity in the mid-nineteenth century, at which point the name “popcorn” began popping up in American literary magazines and dictionaries. And way before that, Native Americans were enjoying popped kernels of maize as a snack food. For thousands of years, in fact!

We do our part to keep this American tradition going strong. Doing so is an honor, beginning with the caring Midwestern families who harvest the highest quality of Non-GMO corn for our dazzling range of delicious, crowd-pleasing recipes. We also work closely with a network of American farmers who supply us with certified organic popcorn, the perfect main ingredient for our Organic Nearly Naked variety.

It all starts us off that much closer to creating gourmet popcorn ‘made the way it oughta be,’ as we share in our slogan. Good old-fashioned inventiveness and ingenuity prosper in our kitchens, as do fresh ideas, hard work and the pursuit of happiness.

So if you’re looking for a great American snack, for yourself or as gifts that share the spirit of American craft and dedication, look no further than Popcornopolis. The wide range of spectacular flavors and assortments we offer means we’re here to please a nation.