If your sweet tooth is seeking something extra special, and if you’re hankering for something crisp and crunchy, it’s because April 6 is National Caramel Popcorn Day! Since the mid-19th century, caramel as we know it has been delighting countless candy lovers and snack fans, including, as luscious luck would have it, you!

Fortunately, Popcornopolis has the perfect treats to keep you indulging in caramel-coated popcorn perfection throughout the season and beyond.

It all begins with our Caramel Corn recipe, an exquisite gourmet take on a timeless favorite. This beloved variety is cooked up by our culinary experts with the utmost care, a luxurious coat of caramel blended from cane sugar and creamery butter layered over perfectly-popped corn. It’s the nostalgic taste of carnivals, county fairs and happy hometown memories, brought to new life for an exquisite, mouthwatering snack that’ll keep you grinning with joy, bite after bite.

And when it comes to options, we’ve got your sweet tooth covered: our Caramel Corn is available in gift tins, gift baskets and signature popcorn cones; in a range of assortments to complement a variety of flavors, or all by itself to enjoy as a scrumptious, singular sensation.

Our 3.5-Gallon Tin is available in a Classic Assortment of flavors, with delight-of-the-day Caramel Corn sharing deliciousness alongside chocolatey-striped Zebra® Popcorn or any of our delicious 17 recipes. It’s a great way to celebrate snacking with enough popcorn to satisfy over 35 hungry appetites, in a beautiful, striped and splashy Popcornopolis logo-themed resealable tin. For smaller groups and gatherings, a 2-gallon tin pleases over 20 popcorn fans with the same great tastes.

You can also order 3.5-gallon and 2-gallon popcorn tins filled exclusively with Caramel Corn, when no less than a party-ful of this wildly delicious variety will do.

All of our Classic Assortment gift baskets feature sought-after Caramel Corn in stylish collections of our iconic signature popcorn cones. Available in a colossal 12-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket that’s our grandest-sized gift yet, Caramel Corn shares the stage with a range of flavors that delights every tastebud, from sweet to salty to savory. Gift baskets are also available in splendid 7-cone and fan favorite 5-cone assortments.

Of course, when all you can think about is the tantalizing allure of Caramel Corn, you can focus all your popcorn-loving energy on this irresistible treat, available by the cone. Easy to spot, delightful to open and even better to enjoy, cones can be ordered in regular and jumbo sizes, in quantities to keep you and fellow caramel enthusiasts crunching happily for quite some time.

And for a “little” indulgence that goes a long way, Caramel Corn is available in petite and precious Mini Cones, in a case of 40 that shines the spotlight solely on this confectionery creation or as part of a customizable assortment that you can mix with other varieties. These snack-sized Mini Cones are perfect as party favors and gift bag goodies, as well as individual samplings you and yours can enjoy for your own crunchy, caramel-y pleasure.

Now, with caramel-coated dreams and a tantalizing array of ways to make them come true, all you have to do is celebrate! Start by ordering your Caramel Corn delights from Popcornopolis.com, with the added bonus of free shipping on orders placed now until April 15.

After all, National Caramel Pocorn Day may happen once a year…but sweetness is always in season!