Team Popcornopolis

“What’s your favorite flavor?” We get that question all the time from customers. It’s a hard one to answer, especially because taste is so personal. I love the rich chocolate peanut buttery indulgence of Peanut Butter Cup, but you may be more of a tropical Coconut Bliss type.

Still, we know you’re curious to hear what our staff craves, so we went ahead and checked in with several team members to find out their Popcornopolis favorites. Hopefully, these will give you some inspiration!

Here are a few Popcornopolis team member favorites:


Falynn Essix of Popcornopolis

Falynn Essix, Fundraising Manager

Jalapeño Cheddar is my absolute favorite flavor!! It’s always satisfying knowing I’m consuming natural cheese popcorn, but to add a touch of Jalapeño spice makes it a zesty bite of pure heat. Sometimes I pair it with Caramel when I’m looking to turn down the fire a bit.

John Balint of Popcornopolis

John Balint, Creative Director

My favorite decadent flavor is Almond Toffee, because it’s so rich and buttery. But for everyday snacking, Nearly Naked is impossible to beat. There's something so delicious about this variety of corn popped in coconut oil—truly irresistible. But don't take my word for it, just read our own customer reviews!

Jennifer Chapman of Popcornopolis

Jennifer Chapman, Director, Direct to Consumer

It’s hard to decide which is my favorite flavor – they’re all so good! I love the Lemon Heaven for its tart and creamy contrast. And my newest favorite is Red Velvet. It has this deep cocoa flavor and a yummy, tangy cream cheese frosting. Both so absolutely delicious! Too hard to decide!

Jorge Aguilar of Popcornopolis

Jorge Aguilar, Accounts Payable Manager

The truth is that all the flavors are too good to just have one favorite. During football season, I normally eat Jalapeño Cheddar with a nice cold Michelada. And when I stay home to watch a movie with the kids, we all MUST have a bowl of the delicious Salted Organic Popcorn which I give a twist of flavor by adding hot sauce…Yummy!

Jonathan Klein of Popcornopolis

Jonathan Klein, Director of Fundraising

My favorite flavor is Jalapeño Cheddar. I am a huge fan of spicy food, so this is my perfect snack. Whenever I pair a cone of Jalapeño Cheddar and an ice-cold (adult) beverage, I am transported back to summer on the beach in Cabo.


Wow, that's a lot of love for Jalapeño Cheddar! Still, we encourage you to try all our new flavors under the comfort of our 100% satisfaction guarantee—if you don’t love something, just call us for a replacement or refund. Pretty cool, right?

Tell us: What’s YOUR favorite flavor? Write to us in the comments section below.