When you do something big, people notice. And when you do something delicious, word gets around. That’s exactly what happened when our friends at Costco began selling a big, red bag of Popcornopolis Nearly Naked Popcorn. Okay, it’s not just big—it’s massive. It’s over two feet tall with more than 1.3 lbs. of crowd-pleasing popcorn inside, making it extraordinary enough to catch the attention of Popsugar, who broke the news about it in this post.

Before long, news outlets from Delish to Business Insider began sharing about the huge and huggable bag of Nearly Naked, along with popcorn lovers who felt just as enthusiastic about it on Instagram and other social media sites.

Now, we wouldn’t be as thrilled about this if we didn’t believe in the five-star flavor of Nearly Naked Popcorn, but we do. After all, some of you are already fans of this splendid recipe, and the rest of you can look forward to it: whole-grain, gluten-free, non-GMO corn popped in coconut oil for light, buttery crunch with nothing more than salt added to bring out the truest taste of a classic snack. It’s as definitive as it is delectable. And at 33 calories per cup, it’s a pleasure you don’t need to feel guilty about.

There’s enough mouthwatering popcorn in each big, red 22-oz. bag to get you and yours through a few nights of movies, games or good old-fashioned gabbing. Open it up, and the heady, blissful aroma alone will get appetites going!

This colossal bag is available at select Costco locations throughout the country including in California, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona.

Costco also offers Nearly Naked in a convenient 40-pack, with each .55-oz. bag of this au naturel gourmet goodie perfectly sized for sack lunches, break times and snacking on the go.

You can purchase Nearly Naked Popcorn in our signature popcorn tins and convenient bags (including the 22 oz. size) directly from us as well, at Popcornopolis.com.

Whatever size suits you, Nearly Naked delivers big, bountiful, lip-smacking flavor in every bite. It’s the taste that’s trending, and only a few clicks away!