Hi popcorn fans! I’m Chef Phil Fox. You may have met me in the profile we shared a couple of years ago. As Executive Chef and Director of research and development here at Popcornopolis, it’s an honor to create gourmet flavors you’ll love. As someone who loves what I do, it’s a pleasure to share some of my favorites, along with a few tips for adding variety to the way you enjoy popcorn!

Reinventing the classics

Here’s a fun fact: Kettle Corn is my favorite. You might already ‘get’ that—not only is it a timeless classic, it’s also one of our most popular recipes. We’ve spent a lot of time in our kitchen getting that balance of salt and sugar just right. Now try sprinkling on a little BBQ seasoning. Your summer will never be the same again. And it’s a taste you can enjoy the whole year ‘round.

Here’s another twist on Kettle Corn: mixing it fifty-fifty with Lemon Heaven. It’s a terrific combo; sweet and tangy and light enough to make a great after-dinner treat. It’s also that rare mix of flavors that’s fun and elegant at the same time.

For something bold that’ll show you off as a flavor connoisseur, mix equal parts Kettle Corn and—wait for it—Jalapeño Cheddar. I know, it might sound odd, but it’s super delish. Whether you share it or indulge in it yourself, it’s a flavor journey. It’s a taste that actually ricochets.

Try them all! You can conduct your own flavor experiments with a tin of Kettle Corn as your “base.” Beyond that, there’s a cone out there, full of that “wild card” flavor you love, to create a blend that’s all your own.

The crowd goes wild

Hosting? Everybody loves a really good party mix. It’s not often they come across something really different, and I’m sure you’ve noticed that when they do, you get a lot of people asking, “What’s in this?”

I’ve won a lot of appetites over with a mix of our Caramel Corn and White Cheddar (right there, those two are already so good together!), along with roasted almonds or cashews, pretzels and chocolate chunks. It’s also really good with one of our nut corns, like Almond Caramel or Pecan Caramel.

For a range of tastes you can work with, you can customize a case of Mini Cones with four flavors that you choose.

Nearly Naked is a big hit with anyone who loves great taste, real ingredients and true flavor. So here’s a happy coincidence—my sister’s kids love it. Little do they know it’s non-GMO, gluten-free like all of our popcorns, and a great source of whole grain that we season with nothing more than salt. You can keep it handy with cases of bags in individual snack and sharing sizes, as well as in great big 22 oz. bags that’ll keep ‘em happy for a while longer.

Unicorn® Popcorn is one of the 83 flavors (yes, I do stay busy) we created last year that I’ve had the great joy of following from our kitchen all the way to its success as one of our most popular flavors. It’s fruity, it’s sweet and as colorful as a cartoon fairy tale.

What’s in store

Included in that mouthwatering 83 are some out-of-the-ordinary items we’ve launched recently and you’ll find at various retailers. Here are a few I strongly recommend, with flavors I’ve shared with friends and love for myself:

Golden Turmeric Sea Salt makes for a perfect lunchtime snack. It’s savory and satisfying, and especially light and crunchy—we air-pop this one. You’ll need to try it for yourself to taste the difference.

Vanilla Bean Sea Salt is another singular blend. It has an almost marshmallow-y flavor with real specks of vanilla to give it some authentic, exotic impact. Altogether it’s lightly sweet, simple and super crave-able!

When I’m in the mood for something spicy but light, I go with Organic Chili Lime. I love the mix of acid from the lime and the kick of the chili pepper. Kick back and enjoy TV with something extraordinary, or perk up a party with it. It works.

That’s it for now but there’s always more to follow. Thanks for following the latest news from Popcornopolis—and taking in some of my ideas to liven up your gourmet popcorn experience. I love creating these flavors and it’s my job to keep innovating, so you’ll hear from me again.

‘Til then, remember you can experiment with mixes, seasonings and other ingredients to add your own gourmet spin to make new snack surprises. Keep creating and enjoy the crunching!