Crazy for Coconut Oil!


It’s time for our third installment of popping healthful facts! (Check out Non GMO and Proud! and Why Gluten Free? here.) You may have seen that we boast using only 100% pure coconut oil. But why coconut? There are plenty of other oils that would surely do the trick. But we stick to coconut. The original reason was quite simple.


When we were first developing our Caramel Corn recipe, we tried many different combinations of oil and corn. In one blind tasting after another, coconut was BY FAR the tastiest. Of course we wanted all our Popcornopolis flavors to be as delicious as possible, so we were thrilled with that discovery! As it turns out, our choice was even smarter than we knew...


Benefits of Coconut Oil


Recently, coconut oil was found to have many health benefits. Studies show its ability to help regulate blood sugar, boost thyroid function, and to increase metabolism, energy, and endurance.


Most fats we consume are long-chain fatty acids. These fats must be broken down before they are absorbed. Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid, which means it is easily digested and is sent straight to the liver from the digestive track for energy production. Since coconut oil increases your energy expenditure, this may potentially translate into weight loss as well.


Yet another great benefit is that coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which is known to fight off bacteria, fungus, and infections. Almost half the fatty acids found in coconut oil are lauric!


These are just a few of the health benefits. There are also studies that suggest coconut oil improves blood cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart disease.


As an added bonus, coconut oil is great for protecting hair from damage and moisturizing skin – so many amazing benefits!


And to think, we first chose coconut oil just because it was so delicious! To read more about nutritional and other health and beauty benefits of coconut oil, read this article from, these article from, and this great post entitled "101 Uses for Coconut Oil." Last but definitely not least, check out this authoritative collection on EVEN MORE uses for coconut oil. We think you'll be impressed!


How do you use coconut oil in your life?