Popcorn cookies...seriously? The first time I tried adding popcorn to cookie dough, I was sure it wouldn’t work. But lo and behold, these popcorn cookies look super impressive on the plate with those big puffed-out kernels of popcorn... and they TASTE delicious!


Popcornopolis Cookies!

Chocolate chip cookie dough with Zebra® Popcorn — ready for the oven!


To make, just prepare your favorite cookie dough, and gently stir in the popcorn during the step when you would normally add chocolate chips, nuts or raisins. (Of course, feel free to add those ingredients, too. They go great with popcorn!)  Bake as you would normally.  For the cookies shown in the photo above, I used chocolate chip cookie dough and our legendary Zebra® Popcorn. This luscious caramel corn drizzled with white and dark chocolate is a longstanding customer favorite.


Popcornopolis Cookies!

Fresh from the oven!


Popcornopolis Cookies!

Time for plating. Don't they look pretty!


Here are some other suggested cookie/popcorn combinations:

For peanut butter lovers: Peanut butter cookie dough with Peanut Butter Cup popcorn. Add some chocolate chips, too, if you want to go (pea)nuts!

For tea time: Lemon sugar cookie dough with sweet and tart Lemon Heaven popcorn. Sophisticated and fun!

For after school: Snickerdoodle cookie dough with Cinnamon Bun popcorn. It tastes like childhood.

For something decadent: Double chocolate cookie dough with our classic Caramel Corn. It’s like having a chocolate-covered caramel with crunch!

You can have a lot of fun with these cookies if you use the 18 Flavor Sampler Box. Inside, you’ll have ALL of our outrageously good popcorn flavors, so you can easily experiment—trying different ones in your cookie dough.


Popcornopolis 18-Flavor Sampler

The Popcornopolis 18-Flavor Sampler


On the other hand, if you know you need to make multiple batches of cookies (think bake sale), you can also Build Your Own Assortment of Popcornopolis Cones and have plenty of popcorn in just the flavors you need! 


Popcornopolis Flavor Assortments

Popcornopolis Cones. Available in three sizes for every occasion.