Popcornopolis Sundaes Make Easy Weeknight Treats

During the week, it can feel like a battle just to get dinner on the table, let alone dessert. And if you’re throwing a dinner party on a school night, homemade treats are definitely out.

Or are they?

Creamy ice cream is the ultimate foil for gourmet popcorn. If you have just two minutes, you can make an outrageously fantastic Popcornopolis sundae that’s elegant enough for company.


Follow these steps:


1. Choose your ice cream. You can’t go wrong with classic vanilla and our legendary caramel corn.

2. Pick your popcorn. I’m partial to Almond Caramel or Pecan Caramel because it saves you the trouble of having to add nuts. Plus, these nuts are already coated in our luscious caramel!


Popcornopolis Caramel Sundae


3. Add caramel sauce. Make your own or buy a pre-made sauce

Popcornopolis Caramel Sundae

4. Embellish. I kept thing simple with just a single raspberry. Strawberries or even sliced bananas would also be great.

Popcornopolis Caramel Sundae

With over 18 flavors of gourmet popcorn to choose from, you can get super creative dreaming up sundae combinations. Here are some of my favorites:

Hot fudge sundae with Zebra Popcorn. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Our caramel corn striped with white and dark chocolate makes Zebra the perfect partner for hot fudge. Whipped cream and a cherry are musts.

Coffee toffee sundae with Almond Toffee Popcorn. Buttery Almond Toffee popcorn plays beautifully against rich, slightly bitter coffee ice cream. Want to take it a step further? Add a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream or even crème fraîche.  Très gourmet.

Tropical sundae with Coconut Bliss Popcorn. Aloha! Start with scoops of coconut ice cream. Top them Coconut Bliss popcorn, a creamy and crispy caramel and toasted coconut triumph. Sprinkle on some toasted shredded coconut for even more intense coconut flavor.

Do you have any ideas for terrific Popcornopolis ice cream sundaes? We’d love to hear them. Tell us in the comments section below.