As the leaves turn color and the clouds roll in, it’s nice to get cozy. Maybe you like to curl up on the couch and read a book, or watch a movie, while you enjoy a snack. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re more than partial to popcorn. And now’s the perfect time to embrace the season, with four warm and wonderful flavors from Popcornopolis that celebrate the fall!

There are lots of reasons pumpkin spice is such a ‘thing.’ As a flavor, it’s comforting, familiar and delicious. And our Pumpkin Spice recipe is guaranteed to please you with its indulgent tastes of spiced pumpkin pie, nutmeg and cinnamon. Add to that its smoothly sweet drizzles of white confectionery chocolate, and you’ve got a scrumptious season-themed popcorn you can love any time of year.

For a snack that’s sure to make you smile, Apple Pie delivers the homey taste of a beloved dessert. Its rich, crispy, luxurious coat of caramel is a treat in itself—and with tart and fruity bits of real diced apple and rolled oats, every crunch brings back loving memories of mom’s kitchen and charming country coffee shops.

Our gourmet take on Caramel Corn is a proven crowd-pleaser. This time-honored treasure is one of our biggest sellers, with the luscious flavor of rich, sweet, buttery caramel coating each crunchy, satisfying kernel. Enjoyed piece-by-piece or by the mouthful, this autumn-colored classic brings new life to a nostalgic taste.

You know how the fall starts out a little bit summery and ends a little bit wintery? Kettle Corn takes a cue from this season of change and gives you as much smile-making ‘sweet’ as taste-tempting ‘salty.’ This perfect blend of flavor sensations in every crispy, airy bite recalls good times at street fairs, festivals and campfire fun.

Crunchy comfort by the cone, case or tin

Whether you’re sharing, giving or enjoying Popcornopolis deliciousness yourself this season, your favorite fall flavors please you at home or on the go in a number of ways. Cases of Regular Cones and Jumbo Cones make stocking up, snacking and gifting more convenient than ever. Party Tins serve up a range of recipes in a big, bountiful way. And you can also Shop by Flavor to order in the size, quantity and packaging that works for you.

So relax on your couch or enjoy the autumn breeze while adding something new to your menu of popcorn fun. Visit for your favorite fall flavors!