Popcorn fundraising

There’s no greater joy in life than putting a smile on someone’s face, and Popcornopolis LOVES helping organizations earn funds, while YOU provide delicious popcorn to your supporters!

From school clubs and sports teams to local charities and religious groups, thousands of organizations throughout American communities have benefitted from the Popcornopolis fundraising program.

While there are countless reasons to fundraise with Popcornopolis, here are the Top 10:

1. Achieve Your Organization’s Goals


Fundraising is an accessible way to reach nearly any goal. Consider that Popcornopolis fundraisers have successfully raised millions of dollars for educational field trips, athletic equipment, band instruments, school improvements, playground installations, scholarships, after-school programs and so much more.

2. Everyone Loves Delicious Treats


Your supporters’ mouths will water at the sight of our flavorful popcorn. From decadent confections to healthy snacks, each flavor of Popcornopolis popcorn is sure to satisfy.

3. Spectacular Profit Share


With 50% profit retention, Popcornopolis is one of the most generous fundraising partners in the industry. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

4. Raise Awareness and Loyalty


It’s important to stand out! Starting a fundraising campaign will show your community how dedicated your organization is to its cause. Even before a sale is made, using quality, crave-worthy products to fundraise shows supporters you mean business. Once you greet them with delicious popcorn however, prepare for profits!

5. Kids Benefit from Social Interaction


Kids love to communicate through their mobile devices. Fundraising encourages good ol’ conversations, while allowing them to practice necessary social skills like making small talk and understanding the perspective of another person.

6. Teach Children and Inspire Others


Aside from the art of conversation, fundraising effectively teaches kids how to serve customers, set goals, and build other helpful skills. Earning funds, supporting a cause, and teaching kids lessons that will last a lifetime: win-win-win!

7. More Fun Than a Bake Sale


It’s so much more enjoyable selling a product that everyone loves. Popcornopolis is unique, fun, and SO delicious. That makes your job easier and WAY more fun!

8. A Popcorn Product You Can Feel Good About


Every Popcornopolis recipe uses 100% American-grown non-GMO corn, is certified gluten-free, and made with no preservatives. With 0g of Trans Fat and no high fructose corn syrup, it is a delicious treat you can feel good about sharing in your community.

9. Something for Everyone


Available in our fundraising program are six of our best-selling gourmet flavors. For your supporters who love spicy and savory flavors, Jalapeño Cheddar and White Cheddar are two perfect picks. For those with a sweet tooth, they’re sure to love Zebra®, Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn, and Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice. And for Fall fundraisers, we are thrilled to include our spooktacular Monster Mini Cone Snack Packs—just in time for Halloween trick-or-treaters!

Monster Mini Cones

5-Cone and 10-Cone gift baskets, and Jumbo Zebra® Cones are also an option for extra gift-giving glory!

10. It’s FREE


Applying to our program is FREE. If you’re unfamiliar with our products, request a FREE Sample Kit, so you can host a popcorn tasting party, and plan your campaign!

Is your organization ready for its most delicious and successful fundraising drive ever? Request a free sample and information kit and check out our helpful resources. Our fundraising team will guide you throughout the process and is always available for support. The program runs until Dec. 31 and free shipping is included for all organizations that apply before Sept. 28. Please reach out to us at fundraising@popcornopolis.com with any questions, or find your answer on our FAQ page. Apply online and kickoff your program today!