Hello, school campaign leaders!

We all know how much our children benefit from programs and enrichment activities supported by school fundraisers! What we don’t often consider are the many educational benefits that fundraising activities provide for students like improved goal setting, teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills! Beyond these valuable practical lessons, fundraising can also enhance academic learning by sparking students’ curiosity in the products they sell!

At Popcornopolis, we love the idea of bridging fundraising with academic learning, and we’ve got a terrific resource to share with our partner schools! By simply linking to our gourmet popcorn blog, teachers and students can access fact-based posts about non-GMO grains, various corn and popcorn types, cane sugar versus fructose corn sweeteners, and the benefits of coconut oil!

We make it easy for teachers to add engaging content to food literacy, nutrition and science lessons, so students can “learn while they earn” during their Popcornopolis campaign!

Check out other articles in this educational blog, and when you are done, read all about our 5 Easy Steps to Success to learn more about our proven fundraising program! Don’t forget to call for your Free Sample and Information Kit (844) FUND-POP or (844) 386-3767.