The holidays are here! And it’s time to ask yourself that question, “Who am I forgetting?”

While we’re busy sharing season’s greetings, there are so many very important people in our lives we want to thank, for another year of being there for us, good to us, and above all, special to us.

Here’s a list of gift recipients you want to remember – with ideas for ways they’re sure to remember you.

Your mail carrier: Just like Santa, your mail carrier doesn’t stop for snow, rain or an early winter night. That’s a great reason to say ‘thank you’ with a Tin, available with classic and premium recipe combinations as well as fantastical Unicorn Popcorn.

Your co-workers: Mini Red Snowflake Gift Baskets make perfectly delicious surprises for your co-workers’ desks and cubbies. And our budget-friendly case of 6 helps you give everyone a holiday bonus.

For that upcoming “Secret Santa” gift exchange: Our Metallic Gold 5-Cone Gift Basket makes sure your lucky winner gets five all-time gourmet popcorn favorites, with enough golden sparkle to brighten any party.

Your kids’ teachers, coaches and tutors: Great education deserves fine delectation! Show your appreciation with Cones by the Case. Jumbo Cones are available in cases of 12, Regular Cones in cases of 24 – and each iconic cone makes a special gift in itself.

Your kids’ classmates: A Case of 40 Santa Mini Cones, sharing smiling Santas and four different gourmet popcorn varieties, guarantees high grades and big smiles from the kids at school (and makes your kid kind of a hero).

The bus driver and school crossing guard: Remember these very important people – dedicated to everyone’s safety, security and peace of mind – with Jumbo Cones of joyful holiday recipes, like Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow, Chocolate Chip Cookie, SnickerDoodle, and Big Buffalo.

Out-of-town visitors: It’s time to gussy up the guestroom! Surprise them with a Chocolate Lovers Tin, perched right on the bed like you’re running the grandest hotel ever. (And hmmm…they might be willing to share!)

Your friends’ kids: Imagine their surprise when they get a present of their own! A High-Flying Santa 12-Flavor Sampler, with generous servings of popcorn cheer, is guaranteed to seal your status as a truly great grownup.

Stocking stuffers: Add Mini Cones to every stocking, gift box and grab bag for to make your friends and loved ones feel extra special. Mix or match with choices of Santa Mini Cones, Classic Minis and Mini Unicorns.

Your neighbors: You say ‘hello’ every day. You pick up each other’s mail during vacations. You might even get together once in a while. This year, give them a Metallic Gold 7-Cone Gift Basket, a very nice way to be neighborly – and flavorly.

Your door person/apartment staff: Surprise the best of your building with a gourmet popcorn tin to take home. A Red Snowflakes Tin filled with Classic or Premium recipes means these “key” people are special to you, all year ‘round.

Your hairdresser/colorist/barber: Show up in style with a Cheese Lovers Tin, letting them know that their grooming expertise deserves a gourmet celebration. And twenty servings of Cheddar, White Cheddar and Jalapeno Cheddar popcorns will score with the whole salon.

Doctor/trainer/specialist: These professionals help us manage our well-being – indulge them with Popcornopolis gifts made of whole-grain, gluten-free, expertly prepared gourmet popcorn. Along with gold, our 5-Cone Gift Basket is available with green, blue and red snowflake themes.

That awesome client/business contact: Give them a Metallic Gold 12-Cone Gift Basket, and they’re sure to keep you in mind in the New Year and beyond. For more corporate gift ideas and information, including discounts, customization and delivery options, check out our recent corporate gifting blog.

Of course, your own list may vary. Fortunately, there’s no end to the number of ways Popcornopolis can add sweetness and gratitude to your season of giving. Get started early to make your best selections, use our Preferred Delivery Date feature at checkout, and they’ll know you care with time to spare. Choose from our catalog and shop now.

And to you, Very Important Person, Happy Holidays from all of us at Popcornopolis!