She expected this to be her best Halloween party yet. From stringy cobwebs to spooky candlesticks, the air was thick with scary spirit!

Her first guest walked in at nightfall...a towering, bespectacled ghost, taller than any of her friends. “Who could this be?” she asked herself. She asked the ghost, too, but it only glided past her, saying nothing, and floated to the snack table.

She gasped, watching it stand silently before the punchbowl, the candy dishes, the chips and dip. Then, it shook its head -- as if terrified itself! – and turned to ask her a stammering, whimpering, mournful question.

“Where’s the P- P- Popcornopolis?”

And they both screamed!

Some ghost stories are too scary. That’s why we at Popcornopolis want to make sure your ghoulish get-together gives everyone the best kind of fright: terrifyingly great taste!

Check out the Halloween Gifts we’ve stirred up in our cauldron, available now:

1. Monsters! We’ve dressed up our Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn, Cheddar Cheese and Zebra® Popcorn in creepy costumes and a forebodingly fun kettle for an 8 Mini-Cone Gift Cauldron of gory delight.

2. Mini Monsters! Share the scares all over the place with Monster Mini Cones, the perfect prize for trick-or-treaters. This haunting horde of delicious popcorn gifts is delivered in a casket – we mean case – of 40.

3. Spiders! This basket’s got legs: 5 of our best-selling gourmet popcorn varieties crawl into cones for a Halloween Spiders Gift Basket brimming with Cinnamon Toast, Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn, Cheddar Cheese and Zebra® Popcorn. You can also customize the assortment for tailor-made terror!

4. Unicorns! After all, what’s a little “costume drama” without the storybook splendor of knights, fairies, and unicorns? A case of 40 Unicorn Popcorn Mini Cones brings a rainbow of gluten-free magic to ghostly gatherings and lucky trick-or-treaters.

5. Bats! A nightmare in flight surrounds this 2-gallon Halloween Bats Popcorn Tin of Cheddar Cheese, Kettle Corn and Zebra® Popcorn. You’ll be so scared you’ll want to eat the whole thing.

6. Even more bats! Our 5-Cone Halloween Bats Gift Basket brings our 5 best-selling gourmet recipes together for a chilling collection of sweet and savory, cave-shaking crunchiness.

7. Mini Gift Baskets…of fearsomely flavored popcorn! Invest in a case of shriek-worthy surprise with 12 Halloween Mini Popcorn Gift Baskets. Each spider-themed gift basket holds 5 mini cones of our most popular popcorn recipes. Also available in a case of 6.

Monsters, spiders and bats, oh my! Along with unicorns, Popcornopolis has the goods to make even the grimmest of reapers grin with delight.

Please your guests, and your ghosts -- order now for your best Halloween ever!