Hi popcorn fans! Chef Phil Fox here, wishing you all the best the holidays have to offer! Naturally, that includes world-class gourmet popcorn from Popcornopolis.

I have the dream job of creating flavors, tastes and textures for a discerning crowd of snack lovers, and coming up with recipes that celebrate the season from one occasion to the next is, without a doubt, one very merry mission.

Here’s a shortlist of Popcornopolis recipes you can enjoy, share and give with great taste and jolly holiday style.

Party flavors

For the flavor sensation that’s trending, look no further than Pumpkin Spice Popcorn. It’s an autumn-inspired delight that eases effortlessly into winter festivities.Think of it as caramel popcorn dressed up for the season—in allspice, cinnamon and premium white confectioners’ chocolate. Serve it from elegant bowls throughout your party for a sweet and scrumptious welcome.

Here’s one that’s like your favorite treat on a crisp winter morning: Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow. It really is soothing, and charmingly nostalgic. We start with crunchy popcorn, add the warming taste of real cocoa and sprinkle it with actual mini marshmallows, for a sweet and definitive holiday snack. It’s also a great gift for any winter gathering or holiday-party host, because it shares the taste of “home” wherever it goes.

For that wintertime cookie exchange you and your friends enjoy every year, try something unconventional: bowls of delightful Snickerdoodle Popcorn among the countless baked goods on the table. It’s a delicious take on the cinnamon-and-sugar classic that adds another layer of sweetness to the party, while keeping the ‘cookie’ theme going. As a popcorn, it won’t compete with the cookies…but it still might win!

Candy Cane Crunch is, hands down, the perfect crunchy surprise for Christmas season movie nights. With a Tinseltown classic like Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life or Elf on the screen, you and your audience will love snacking on this holiday-season-only popcorn, striped with minty chocolate and tingling with bits of actual candy cane. It’s a terrific gift for sharing Christmas spirit, too—get cones for your crossing guard, mail carrier, anyone who helps you throughout the year.

Enjoying a quiet night at home? Make it special with Apple Pie Popcorn. When a break between parties means quality time with loved ones, this homey, tasty treat helps make the evening special. We’ve combined the indulgence of caramel with the sweetness of cinnamon and the unmistakable charm of real apple chunks, for a combination of flavors that’s loved by kids and grownups alike. It really is ‘something for everyone’!

Make your own magic

Popcornopolis people tend to be creative, and that’s whether you’re a professional flavor-maker like me or someone with great taste in gourmet snacks. So with that in mind, go ahead and think up new ways to celebrate the holidays with any of our lovingly-crafted, expertly prepared popcorn flavors. Blend our flavors with your ideas.

For everything from gifts to grab bags to game-night prizes, Popcornopolis has the treats to make your season bright, crunchy and delicious. Just add imagination…and have a delicious new year!