To many, summertime is the season of family getaways and spontaneous weekend excursions. For those with crazy work schedules, however, waiting until winter to take that much needed vacation may be more of a reality. Fret not, for a single bite of Key Lime Pie Popcorn from Popcornopolis is the only ticket you need for a flavorful escape.

Warm Floridian sand caresses the soles of your feet. A cool ocean breeze compliments the warmth of the sun. Summer’s finally in full swing. Your waiter approaches with a bright, delicious dessert. “May I interest you in a slice of Key Lime Pie?” he asks. You smile and pause for a moment before answering, “Please, it’s my favorite.”

An American original, Key Lime Pie emerged onto the Florida culinary scene in the 1920s. At the time, local sponge fisherman kept condensed milk, eggs, and key limes for their long excursions. Key limes are characterized by their smaller size and higher acid content which gives them their delicious tart flavor. With these few ingredients the classic was born in the Florida Keys and its popularity quickly spread across the country.

Popcornopolis Key Lime Pie Popcorn is the next chapter: the perfect addition to your picnic or popcorn gift pantry. Tangy and sweet, it’s the ideal afternoon snack, delectable evening dessert, or tasty conversation piece of any happy gathering!

Let Key Lime Pie Popcorn excite your taste buds, put a smile on your face, and become your newest favorite flavor. Available only on; and only while supplies last. Build a custom flavor assortment with Key Lime Pie today. Happy snacking!