Make your Memorial Day celebration the talk of the town by commemorating the day with blueberry stars and red velvet popcorn stripes as we remember those who protected our country and gave their lives.



To create this yummy treat we need the magic of moist red velvet cake. Instead of baking an entire cake, I grabbed a two-layer slice from the bakery at my local grocery store. If you use this life hack, be sure to carefully remove all icing.



Once there is no trace of icing, use your fingers to crumble the cake.



Melt the chocolate. This can be tricky (I learned the hard way). Melting chocolate is basically rocket science, go figure! I melted the chocolate in the microwave stirring it in 30 second intervals on medium power. If you are not familiar with the intricate process, do not fret, Google search "How to melt chocolate."



Combine about half of the popcorn with the melted chocolate, then stir. This is time-sensitive. If we take too long the chocolate will harden before we sprinkle the cake crumbs, so move swiftly.



Spread the chocolate covered popcorn on parchment paper, then make like a fairy and generously sprinkle red velvet cake crumbs over the popcorn.



Grab your holiday worthy serving platter and create your Memorial Day flag. Leave the blueberries inside its tray, but use scissors to cut off the top. Place the tray on the platter. Use remaining kettle corn and red velvet coated porncorn to create alternating stripes. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS red velvet cake crumbs (1.5 cups) white chocolate chips (12oz) Popcornopolis Kettle Corn (10.5oz)