If only we all had a workshop full of elves, the holiday season would be so much easier, right? And if only we could actually afford to give gifts to all the people who make our lives better... Good news—we’re here to help!

Case of 40 Mini Popcorn Cones

At Popcornopolis, we DO have a workshop where we make the World’s Best Gourmet Popcorn™, one small batch at a time. We delicately scoop that popcorn into our iconic cones, which come in three sizes: mini, regular and jumbo. For the sweetest price, you cannot beat our Mini Cones—a Case of 40 Mini Cones works out to just $1.62 to $2.00 per cone, depending on the flavor(s) you choose!

Popcornopolis Mini Cones make deliciously affordable holiday gifts

Buying by the case saves BIG! Make sure to keep a stash on hand so that you’re ready whenever the gift-giving mood strikes. Unopened, they stay fresh for six months. When you buy a case, you get to choose from our five most popular flavors: world-famous Caramel Corn, authentic Cheddar Cheese, sweet & salty Kettle Corn, cinnamony buttery Cinnamon Toast, or our legendary Zebra popcorn.

These Mini Cones make perfect presents for teachers, tutors, coaches, crossing guards, and co-workers. They’re also terrific as party favors, stocking stuffers, and snacks tucked into backpacks.

Popcornopolis Mini Cone Gift Baskets

If you want to take your Santa skills a notch further, check out these darling Mini Popcorn Gift Baskets featuring five mini cones filled with delightful popcorn! Available in cases of 6 or 12 Mini Gift Baskets, and about $10 apiece depending on quanity. Whoever said good things come in small packages was really on to something. 

Popcornopolis Mini Cone Gift Baskets

Popcornopolis Mini Cone Gift Baskets

Tell us: Who will you be giving Mini Cones to this holiday season? Write your answers in the comments section below.