Whether it’s for a date night, a birthday party, or just a fun night in with friends, popcorn bars are so much fun. You can customize them to fit everyone’s taste buds, or better yet: create one for movie night!


Movie theme choices are endless (kid’s night, horror night, musical night), but today we're going for one of our favorites: Romantic Comedy! We customized the whole thing from the food to the movie line-up, the décor, and even the games.


The Popcorn


We chose our flavors based upon how we like our romantic comedies: Sweet, cheesy and a little spicy! We chose Popcornopolis’s Caramel Corn, Jalapeno Cheddar, and added some Nearly Naked, because, well, the name says it all.


Since we were going with a romantic theme, we decided to keep our mix-ins totally red and pink. We picked out red and pink jellybeans, pink rock candy, pink pearlescent sprinkles, and, it’s not rom-com night without some chocolate, so we chose some mini pink chocolates.  Party supply stores like Party City have color-coordinated candy sections, making for easy browsing!


The Décor

We covered the table in a pink tablecloth and sprinkled silver hearts all over it, there’s nothing like some cheesy ambiance. We used clear apothecary jars and dishes to display the candy, making it easy for guests to see what they want to add to their Popcornopolis creations. We also put out red popcorn boxes for our guests to put their popcorn into.



The Movies

When it comes to romantic comedies, there’s no shortage of selection. You can choose new ones you haven’t seen, or go with familiar ones you’ve seen a thousand times so you and your guests can chat throughout, without missing a beat.


We chose the latter route and went with some funny favorites like The Holiday, 27 Dresses, Just Friends and the Ugly Truth. Talk about a movie marathon!  Having trouble thinking of some? Check out this full list for ideas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_romantic_comedy_films.


The Games


If you choose to go with movies you’ve all seen before, come up with some trivia questions and have fun prizes on hand for the winners (Popcornopolis mini cones anybody!?)


Rom-Com bingo is also a great game. You can make your own cards and fill the squares with cliché moments: First kiss, male lead takes off his shirt, romantic candles, the breakup, kiss in the rain, happily ever after, the misunderstanding, hands meeting in the popcorn box – so many clichés, so little time!



What is YOUR ideal movie/popcorn theme night?