There’s one thing we learn over and over: If you want to make it a great new year, enter it as a great new you. That doesn’t mean changing who you are, but getting back to the heart of who you are—being your brightest and most original self. It’s when you’re purely you that you truly shine.And whether or not you made new year’s resolutions about what you eat, now is a great time to make a simple, good-for-you decision about snacking. A slight shift in the foods you purchase, for snacking on-the-go, for fun, or when life gets busy, you get hungry and you need a little something in between meals. Go from ordinary to extraordinary, with Popcornopolis Nearly Naked Popcorn, a glorious blend of three beautifully basic ingredients—popcorn, coconut oil and salt—created to indulge the best, most natural you.

As with all of our gourmet popcorn snacks, we start with family farm-grown popcorn, harvested for the highest quality of kernels possible. Essentially, it’s popcorn gold! Then, we pop it in pure coconut oil. That’s what gives it the light, delicate, buttery crunch our fans have enjoyed for decades. And to top it off? A gentle sprinkling of salt, because that’s all it needs to reach Nearly Naked perfection.You’re guaranteed to love the true flavor of this lovingly crafted treat, and you’ll be joining countless discriminating popcorn lovers who already do. Various friends of Popcornopolis have described Nearly Naked as: “…perfectly popped and salted.” “…no doubt the best popcorn.” “…the best popcorn I’ve ever had.”Believe them. It’s a handful-to-mouthful kind of delight, one of the most satisfying GMO-free, certified kosher, gluten-free snacks you’ll ever find. And with only 33 calories per cup, you’ll be taking care of your best self, too.

Organic food lovers, you’ll be happy to know we’ve also created Organic Nearly Naked popcorn just for you. It’s a terrific indulgence for guilt-free snacking, at only 38 calories per cup and certified USDA Organic! You can purchase Nearly Naked Popcorn in our signature cones, popcorn tins and bags directly from us at, and at select Costco and supermarket locations nationwide. Life can be complicated, but your snacks don’t need to be. Get back to the basics. Get Nearly Naked!