Popcornopolis Party 2


As Mike prepped the food and Dave cued the playlist, I set out an assortment of popcorn flavors in colorful bowls of varying shapes and sizes—smaller ones for our rich confectionary flavors like Zebra Popcorn and Cinnamon Toast


 Popcornopolis Party 3


…and larger bowls for Nearly Naked.



Popcornopolis Party 4


We even garnished our charcuterie trays with Nearly Naked—its tender crunch pairs so well with prosciutto, cheeses and a bit of dijon mustard!



Popcornopolis Party 5


As the evening wears on, we replenish our popcorn bar, and even bring out additional flavors.



Popcornopolis Party 6


Popcornopolis Kettle Corn is a light flavor that complements several of Dave’s mixological creations. The salty-sweet crunch keeps them thirsty.


 Popcornopolis Party 7


Of course we make sure EVERYONE gets to take home a jumbo cone of their favorite Popcornopolis flavor.

Later this month: We take the party outside for our first ever Popcornopolis Beach Bonfire. Hope to see you there!