Some snacks are sweet, and some are salty Some are full of savor At Popcornopolis we know That life is full of flavor

And you deserve a range of tastes That suits your every craving With perfect, popped deliciousness That has the masses raving

Our cooks and kitchens aim to please With popcorn made for you We understand what brings you joy Because we love it too

So once a year we celebrate A day we all can cheer On this 19th of January Popcorn Day is here!

—The Popcornopolis Poet

That’s right, this Saturday, January 19 is National Popcorn Day!

This annual event honors the fluffy, flavorful snack and the millions of people who enjoy popcorn every day, at the movies, at ballgames, at work and at home. If you’re a Popcornopolis fan, chances are you’re a true enthusiast—and you deserve to celebrate with the gourmet favorites countless popcorn connoisseurs know and love.

Made from a family recipe, our beloved Caramel Corn coats perfectly popped corn with a luscious layer of caramel. Cheddar Cheese pairs classic crunch with a golden blanket of savory excitement. Kettle Corn is a sweet and salty delight, a traditional recipe with outstanding taste. Cinnamon Toast blends cinnamon, sugar and butter for a scrumptious, breakfast-inspired surprise. And our famously delicious Zebra® Popcorn, with its stripes of white and dark confectioner’s chocolate, brings adventure to your taste buds with every bite.

Popcornopolis varieties are available in our instantly recognizable signature cones and bountiful, attractive popcorn tins, so you can celebrate on-the-go or with others. And if you’re looking for the right day to show someone extraordinary appreciation, National Popcorn Day is the perfect opportunity to indulge and impress with our Classic 5-Cone Gift Basket. It’s a long-standing bestseller, available with the five popular recipes described above or with flavors you select, by using the “Customize Assortment” feature when you order.

You can also take advantage of a very special offer that provides big fun for a big day, when you Buy 4 Jumbo Cones and Get 2 FREE!

With a range of tastes to please any popcorn lover, we guarantee you’ll enjoy our gourmet goodies for a truly exceptional January 19th.

Shop online now to prepare for National Popcorn Day, the Popcornopolis way!