You may have seen the little mark on our packaging that says “Certified Gluten-Free.” That’s right, all Popcornopolis products are gluten-free!


So what IS gluten anyway? Gluten is a protein composite found in wheat and related grains. From the Latin word which literally means “glue”, gluten helps food products stick together, keep their shape, and gives them their elastic chewy texture.1


But in the human body, gluten can produce a wide range of abdominal health issues—especially in individuals with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and/or wheat allergies. Gluten is also one of the highest glycemic-index ingredients, meaning it contributes to the elevation of blood glucose, and the insulin response that follows. By lowering (or eliminating) gluten intake, digestive health may be improved, and energy levels restored.


Popcornopolis prides itself not only on providing gluten-free snacks that are satisfying and delicious, but also on using GMO-free corn, natural ingredients and high-quality oils (stay tuned for future blog posts!). Our goal has always been to create the world’s best gourmet popcorn, and these are some of the ways we do it!


Whether you are unable to consume gluten due to sensitivity or intolerance, or have chosen to go gluten-free for other health reasons, we want you to rest assured that all Popcornopolis products are indeed 100% certified gluten free.


Do you actively look for gluten-free products? Let us know in the comments below!