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It’s amazing how a dusting of cinnamon and real sugar can make something so delicious. That’s one of the secrets behind new Popcornopolis SnickerDoodle (You didn’t think we would tell you ALL of our secrets, did you?) As delightful as its cookie namesake, Popcornopolis SnickerDoodle Popcorn offers your sweet tooth that tender crunch we’re known for. And like all Popcornopolis snacks, THIS SnickerDoodle is gluten free!

More Specifics:

  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO Corn
  • Nutrition Facts available upon request.
  • 6 month shelf life
  • Regular cone contains 11oz/312g (11 servings)

Latest Customer Reviews:

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  • on Nov 03, 2021
    Kim G. wrote:

    I would never think to try this flavor but it was so delicious! Thankful for helping me choose a new sweet dessert.

  • on Jan 16, 2021
    Elwood’s Mom wrote:

    I’m not a popcorn person...I maybe eat it once a year possibly even once every two years. HOWEVER this last Christmas someone bought me a snickerdoodle cone and I am hooked!! It was so delicious I couldn’t stop ea...

  • on Dec 14, 2020
    karens7 wrote:

    Oh my heavens! This is the best!!!!!

  • on Nov 16, 2020
    Kristen wrote:

    Just tried the snickerdoodle flavor for the first time and I'm hooked! It's so good! I immediately had to get on the website to order some! Love it so much!

  • on Apr 09, 2020
    Heather wrote:

    I think this might be my current favorite. The best way I can describe it is like kettle corn with cinnamon. A little butter, sugar, and spice. Popcornopolis replies: MMM isn't Snickerdoodle amazing?!

  • on Dec 19, 2019
    Lisa wrote:

    So delicious. The perfect mix sweet and buttery. Just like the cookies my mom makes. Popcornopolis Replies: Moms make the best cookies, so thank you for such a nice compliment!

  • on Jan 24, 2019
    Heather wrote:

    Delicious! I’m not a big fan of sweet popcorn & was skeptical at first but it was so good I ate an entire cone on my own in 2 sittings.

  • on Dec 19, 2018
    . wrote:

    Love it! Such a tasty Snickerdoodle flavor.

  • on Dec 04, 2018
    Carla wrote:

    A great holiday treat. Just the right amount of sweet. Popcornopolis replies: Thanks for loving our new Snickerdoodle gourmet pocorn.

  • on Nov 13, 2018
    Elizabeth wrote:

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE! It is like a kettle corn but with a hint of cinnamon. It is not too sweet and not too savory. It is perfect on the tastebuds. Popcornopolis replies: So glad you're loving our new Snickerdoodl...