Fundraising made easy.

Online Fundraising

Brochure Fundraising

Our traditional brochure-based fundraising program is a viable alternative for schools 
and other organizations that are back in session. Common sense suggestions will make 
your fundraising experience safe and easy.

  • Affordable Price Points
  • 50% Profit Retention!
  • Proven Successful!

How it Works...

  1. Sell the World’s Most Delicious Popcorn. Once your application is approved, your team will enjoy selling Popcornopolis products using our popular brochure. Whether you safely share the marketing materials in person, or use social media and other online networking tools - you’ll find that Popcornopolis popcorn practically sells itself!
  2. Place Your Order. At the end of the selling period, collect all your participants’ order forms, and place one master order to Popcornopolis, costing half of the amount you collected from your customers. The other half of the funds are yours!
  3. Distribute Popcorn. When you receive your shipment, distribute the orders to each participant for delivery to their customers. We’ll provide you with tips and suggestions to make the process as safe and convenient as possible.