Mini Gift Baskets (6)

    Wanna make someone’s Birthday super special? Give everyone at the party a Mini Birthday Gift Basket! Each basket contains five single-serving mini cones featuring our most-loved classic flavors: Zebra® Popcorn, Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Toast, Cheddar Cheese plus our award-winning Caramel Corn. Ultra-fresh and insanely delicious! Conveniently packed 6 baskets to a case and ready to give, these are sure to be a hit at any birthday party. And just over $10 per gift, they're a terrific value!

    Mini Gift Baskets (6)

    Now everyone on your list can enjoy a sampling of The World’s Best Gourmet Popcorn™, without breaking your budget thanks to our Case of 6 Mini Popcorn Gift Baskets.  At less than $11 each, these collections of popular Mini Popcorn Cones open up a whole new world of gift-giving possibilities! Each perfectly-sized Mini Cone contains a full and generous serving of our delicious gourmet popcorn. And every gift basket holds five minis—one full of decadent Zebra® Popcorn, one of Cheddar Cheese, Kettle Corn and two of our world-famous Caramel Corn—all cellophane wrapped and tied with a bow! There are six mini popcorn gift baskets to a case.

  •   Case of 12 Jumbo Cones

    Jumbo Cones
    Case of 12

    At 21” tall, a Jumbo cone makes an impressive and memorable gift! Save $15 when you buy them by the case of 12! Available in Caramel, Cheddar, Kettle Corn and world-famous Zebra Popcorn®, and a mixed case containing 3 cones of each variety. Price varies according the flavor chosen.

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  • Nearly Naked Popcorn
    Case of 5 - 12 oz Bags

    If you love popcorn—truly love popcorn—this is your bag. You’ll never find truer flavor, or a more satisfying crunch, than what’s waiting inside. We call it The World’s Best Gourmet Popcorn™, but you’ll call it delightful. Nearly Naked is the au naturel version of our insanely delicious popcorn, and it’s just what the name implies: farm-fresh popcorn in all its natural glory, with no more than coconut oil and a dash of salt to highlight its exceptional flavor.  Just how good is Nearly Naked? Consider this: Of all the corn grown on earth, only 1% gets to be POP-corn. Of that small amount, only 1% is good enough to be used in the premier “session corn” we call Nearly Naked. That’s right: 1/100 of one percent! Why be so picky? Because we TASTED the alternatives, and there’s only one butterfly popcorn hybrid that BEATS them all. And this is it. In addition to its delicious flavor, this exceptionally rare corn has a thinner kernel membrane than most. When popped, that means it yields a larger flake, and a more tender, delicate crunch.  As the popped corn cools, we sift it (three times!) to remove as many of the un-popped kernels and scratchy bits as possible. But there are three more factors that make Nearly Naked the very best popcorn you can buy...  1.) Coconut oil. Years ago, we experimented with many cooking oils, but NOTHING was as buttery-delicious as coconut oil—not even close! Health trends may come and go, but to this day we still believe there is no finer oil for popping corn than coconut. 2.) Salt. Salt is undoubtedly the greatest flavor enhancer in the world. When used correctly, it can transform something good into something great. As the finishing touch, we tumble the freshly popped corn with the perfect amount of kosher salt. If you were here in the kitchen with us now, the delicious aromas would drive you mad with mouthwatering desire!  3.) The Bag itself. All bags are not created equal. Ours features an additional barrier layer that keeps more air OUT, and more flavor IN. It costs a little more, but protecting the sublime flavor and delicate crunch we worked so hard to perfect, is a worthwhile investment we’re willing to make. We’ll conclude by saying this:  We popcorn enthusiasts here at Popcornopolis have been happily cooking and eating Nearly Naked for many years now. It was a customer favorite from day one, and we guarantee you’ll love it too.  So stock your snack cupboard with the world’s most satisfying “plain white” (ha!) popcorn. Three 22 ounce bags per case guarantee that you and your family will have many delicious movie nights and snacking sessions to come.  And you wouldn’t expect anything less from a place called Popcornopolis, right?