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CLASSIC • 5-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

This Basket Includes:



Customer favorite! Our classic 5-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket comes beautifully wrapped and ready to give away. Inside, are the all-star Popcornopolis flavors that made our company famous. Prepare yourself for some serious praise when you present this gift basket to someone special.

Includes 5 Regular-Size Cones of Gourmet Popcorn:

Caramel Corn (10 oz):  The soul-satisfying family popcorn recipe that made us famous
Cheddar Cheese (4.5 oz): Genuine cheddar cheese explodes in every bite
Cinnamon Toast (10 oz): Crunchy, cinnamon-sweet triumph that tastes like home
Kettle Corn (4.5 oz): Perfect balance of salty and sweet
Zebra® Popcorn (11 oz) + $2: Chocolate-striped caramel corn decadence 

Or, click the Customize Assortment button to customize the flavors in this gift basket, below. (Price will vary depending on flavors selected.)

More Specifics:

  • Contains five 17" tall cones of gourmet popcorn
  • Each cone contains 4.5-11 oz, depending on flavor
  • Net weight: 40 oz as shown
  • Dimensions: 23 x 9 x 9"
  • 100% American-grown corn
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO Corn
  • Nutrition Facts available upon request.
  • Reseal unused portion tightly using supplied twist-tie.
  • Unopened popocorn has a 6 month shelf life
  • Popcornopolis 100% guarantee of satisfaction

Customer Reviews:

  • on Jul 02, 2018
    @POPCORNLOVER wrote:

    I'm a true POPCORN lover. My son asked me what I want for MOTHERs DAY I told him POPCORN-#POPCORNOPOLIS popcorn 1 of my 5 gifts I received. Popcornopolis replies: We are thrilled you continue to enjoy Popcornopolis!

  • on Feb 20, 2018
    Kargalga wrote:

    My new addiction! Every flavor is wonderful. I hate to share, but I do. My sister ordered these also. Yum!!!!

  • on Feb 15, 2018
    Bella wrote:

    A perfect treat!

  • on Feb 09, 2018
    Glo wrote:


  • on Feb 06, 2018
    Ginnyc wrote:

    Excellent popcorn. Very fresh. I order the flavors that I know will be eaten with enthusiasm.

  • on Feb 01, 2018
    Tinaquilts wrote:

    My all time favorite popcorn. My gift recipients think so too! Great service as well. Thank you Popcornopolis!

  • on Jan 30, 2018
    Barbara wrote:

    OMYGOSH! ALL delicious........but...........the Zebra is to die for!!

  • on Aug 30, 2017
    Octanejr88 wrote:

    Great treat for both kids and adults

  • on Jul 24, 2017
    Lindsey wrote:

    Delicious! Especially loved the Jalapeño Cheddar and Peanut Butter Cup flavors.

  • on Jun 23, 2017
    Sand wrote:

    Did not get what I ordered! Popcorn was not fresh

  • on Jun 22, 2017
    Orchickie@ wrote:


  • on Jun 08, 2017
    Keepinghappy wrote:

    Greatest Gift for Everyone!

  • on May 29, 2017
    muffin wrote:

    Delicious! The flavors are unbelievable

  • on May 08, 2017
    Barb wrote:

    This is a very delicious popcorn. Love the different flavors, but I must confess that "Zebra" is my favorite.

  • on May 08, 2017
    Flo wrote:

    I just love all the different flavors

  • on Feb 19, 2017
    Swickles wrote:

    I just received this for my birthday and I love it !! The popcorn is so fresh and delicious.

  • on Feb 14, 2017
    Cat wrote:

    I love this popcorn. I would say it's my favorite of any popcorn I've ever tasted! Will be purchasing more soon.

  • on Jan 28, 2017
    Suse wrote:

    Very Satisfied! I sent this to a dear friend recently and she was thrilled with her gift!

  • on Jan 16, 2017
    Art Girl wrote:

    Absolutely delicious popcorn!! Will definitely be ordering again and again! And it makes great gifts.

  • on Jan 04, 2017
    the cakelady wrote:

    best gift i have ever sent. bigger than i thought..lots of great flavors

  • on Jan 04, 2017
    the cakelady wrote:

    awesome gift, all of the clients i sent it too loved it!!! way bigger than i thought it was gonna be

  • on Dec 23, 2016
    Sharon wrote:

    A great gift for Dad in assisted living. He loves Popcornopolis popcorn!

  • on Dec 20, 2016
    Juls wrote:

    While the popcorn is wonderful, the delivery was not what I expected. I used the option to pick the delivery date and the order was delivered a day early. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but I chose a speci...

  • on Oct 17, 2016
    Bella wrote:

    Sent this to a loved one for their birthday. They absolutely loved it, especially the Zebra flavor. Will definitely order again!

  • on Oct 13, 2016
    Shaunda wrote:

    Bought this for my MIL and she loves it!

  • on Oct 11, 2016
    J the Realtor wrote:

    This is the first time I was disappointed. Of course, the cheese popcorn was as good as ever. However, the shipment must have been somewhere that was warm because the Zebra popcorn was nothing but chunks where because...

  • on Sep 01, 2016
    Ohio Mike wrote:

    The product continues to be the most consistently wonderful and healthy treat a person could ever want! You can take my bread, water, and proteins, but do not take away my Popcornopolis.

  • on Jun 16, 2016
    BINKY wrote:

    Popcorn was delicious.... but a little expensive for quantity!

  • on May 13, 2016
    Nncynrs wrote:

    Got the 5 cone pack for my mom for Mother's Day, she loved it!

  • on Dec 27, 2015
    Unforgettable Rican wrote:

    I won [a 5-cone gift basket] in a raffle and it was the best popcorn I have ever tasted. I am completely satisfied!! I am hooked!

  • on Jun 06, 2015
    Vivee wrote:

    Awesome Popcorn! My Favorite Combination is Caramel & Chedder Cheese! Sooo Goood! Thank You!

  • on Dec 30, 2014
    Brandy B wrote:

    I'm beyond blown away. My tastebuds have danced with delight! We received this as a Christmas gift and out of all the Christmas treats we've been given this year I can honestly say.... This popcorn tops them all. I'm...

  • on Jun 09, 2013
    Mimi wrote:

    I received this gift basket as a Mother's Day gift. All 5 flavors were deeliicious!!!! I will most definitely be purchasing my own and also will be great gifts for any occasion. Popcornopolis says: Wow, tanks!! Hap...

  • on Dec 18, 2012
    wildomar_princess wrote:

    I've tried about 10 flavors. My favorite if you don't want to pay the upcharge for Chocolate is Cinnamon Toast. It's so buttery and sweet you can't get enough. Try that one. Then the Peanut Buter and Chocolate is ...

  • on Apr 16, 2012
    remedy4444 wrote:

    oh my goodness this popcorn is so delicious. i see i'm not the only popcornopolis addict. my favorites so far are strawberry, zebra, and cheddar. first time i bought it from sam's club. once i ran out i searched for a...

  • on Mar 19, 2012
    cinnamon TOASTED wrote:

    Almost said I would never recommend to a friend, as I want every bite for myself. YUMMY. I am a nut for cinnamon and there are different flavors of cin.but whatever ya'll use in your cin. toast is out of this world a...

  • on Jan 30, 2012
    Jude wrote:

    I absolutely love, love,love the Zebra Chocolate. Yummy! It's AMAZING!

  • on Jan 16, 2012
    Becky wrote:

    This was the best popcorn I have ever tasted. I love the zebra.

  • on Jan 12, 2012
    Hello wrote:

    I bought the 4 pack gift pack at Christmas from Costco and the caramel and kettle corn is the best I have ever tasted, almost addictive. The Zebra is good also more on the sweet side, the cheese is my least favorite.

  • on Jan 06, 2012
    Barbara wrote:

    Tha nks for making this gift possible. Received one for a client gift and have really enjoyed it. What a nice remembrance for anyone, any age for any occasion. It is delicious.

  • on Jan 06, 2012
    Jimmy James wrote:

    I received this gift basket for Christmas and I have to say that I haven't had quality popcorn like this since I was a kid. Popcornopolis truly captures the "old-time" flavor in their assortment. I would highly recomm...

  • on Sep 05, 2011
    Pop wrote:

    I tried this product when the roadshow was at Sams Club. My goodness I had to buy some, the taste is just great. I purchase the Chicago 50-50 and the Caramel—both were great, could not put it down.


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