HALLOWEEN BATS • 2-Gallon Popcorn Tin

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HALLOWEEN BATS • 2-Gallon Popcorn Tin

This Tin Includes:

Classic Assortment
Customize your gift basket by adjusting the flavor quantities below.
Customize your tin by adjusting the flavor quantities below.


Celebrate Halloween with this festive popcorn tin filled to the brim with three of our customers favorite recipes: Zesty Cheddar Cheese popcorn is made with loads real cheddar cheese. In fact, there’s no cheesier cheese corn in all the land! Kettle Corn is an American Classic, and Popcornopolis’ makes the best! Zebra® Popcorn needs no introduction with its iconic white and dark chocolatey stripes atop delicious caramel goodness! These recipes make a fearsome threesome indeed. You can also create your own assortment of flavors by clicking the Customize Assortment button above!

At two whole gallons—this popcorn tin is indeed a Halloween celebration of monumental proportions! All Popcornopolis recipes are certified gluten free, feature 100% American-grown popcorn, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction! Order your Popcornopolis Halloween Gift Tins today!

More Specifics:

  • Contains 3 flavors of your choosing.
  • Net weight varies according the flavors your choose.
  • Price varies, based on flavors chosen.
  • Certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO Corn
  • Nutrition Facts available upon request.
  • For maximum freshness, tightly reseal tin using provided lid.

Latest Customer Reviews:

  • on Apr 05, 2019
    dawn sherwin wrote:

    what a fun tin for the holiday! love choosing my own flavors too

  • on Apr 04, 2019
    marcia jones wrote:

    such a spooky tin. great for parties!


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