Autumn Gifts

  • Almond Caramel

    Almond Caramel Popcorn is the mother lode of golden perfection! Buttery caramel so rich, you'll think you're in heaven. You’ll taste the difference. Plus you get that incredible Popcornopolis crunch in every glorious bite! Almond Caramel is one of those classic combinations, found in the best confectionery shops around the world, and perfected here atop our gourmet Non-GMO Corn from America's heartland. Like all of our popcorn flavors, Almond Caramel is certified Gluten Free.

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    5-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    Surprise someone special with a Popcornopolis Popcorn Gift Basket. Autumn themed, guaranteed fresh and delicious!

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     3.5-Gal Nearly Naked Tin

    The largest tin of our deliciously tender white popcorn. Nearly Naked is the snack your family has been waiting for.

  • Pecan Caramel

    There’s nothing quite like a fresh-roasted Georgia pecan. Its deep, earthy flavor is what makes this classic combination such an all-time favorite. Now combine it with our delicious Caramel Popcorn... and what you have is world class Pecan Caramel Popcorn, a gourmet confection that is even greater than the sum of its parts. We know God didn't make Pecans just for Popcornopolis, but it sure tastes that way.

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  •   Regular Cones • Case of 24

    Regular Cones
    Case of 24

    Get a full case of 24 regular cones and Save $20! Each cone measures about 17” tall and holds 5-6 cups of popcorn.

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  • Unicorn Mini Cones
    Case of 40

    Unicorn Popcorn® is a uniquely delicious, very colorful, sweet and lemony treat. 40 mini cones perfect for sharing.