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Caramel Corn

A Secret Love Affair...

When you unwrap a package of our gourmet Caramel Corn, you are immediately taken by its wonderful aroma and freshness. That's because we use only the finest all-natural ingredients: pure cane sugar, real butter, and secret spices that will have your mouth watering even before you take your first bite.

And when you do... wow!

It's like your first kiss... complete with fireworks! The rich, dreamy decadence is an experience so delectable, you may find yourself hiding your new secret love from your family and friends. Perhaps in time, you'll come to share that love.

Popcornopolis Caramel Corn: Truly an affair to remember, with a crunch you can't forget.

Looking for the perfect gift? Make our Caramel Corn part of a gourmet gift basket or holiday popcorn tin today! The rich, creamy caramel popcorn flavor is sure to tempt the palate of everyone on your shopping list. Order a 2-gallon or 3.5-gallon tin with Caramel Corn and our famous Cheddar Cheese popcorn, then eat them together for a taste that’s out of this world. Or go super-sweet and order some gourmet Caramel Corn with unique flavors like Zebra® Popcorn and Cinnamon Toast! Whatever you choose to go with it, our caramel popcorn is guaranteed to be one of your all-time favorite treats.

based on 36 reviews

Caramel Corn



This product currently has 36 reviews.

Product information:

  • Certified Gluten Free
  • 0g Trans Fat
  • GMO Free Popcorn
  • Nutrition Facts available upon request.
  • 6 month shelf life
  • Regular cone contains 10oz/284g (10 servings)
  • Large cone contains 18oz/510g (18 servings)
  • 2 Gallon tin serves 20+
  • 3.5 Gallon tin serves 35+

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Review by Mona
Product rating
I had gotten a small cone of Caramel a couple of Christmas's ago and couldn't find it in any of the stores here in MD. Then last month a co-worker was selling it for a school fund raiser and I ordered Caramel and the Cheddar Cheese! WOW! I love them both! Now I'm thinking I should order some for the up-coming holidays (Memorial Day and 4th of July) just so the family can have something to snack on. Love it! (Posted on 4/29/14)
Amazing Review by Monzee
Product rating
I have craved this popcorn every since I had it an an event in San Francisco. I finally looked it up by search as "caramel popcorn packaging " I recongnized the font and now I have the website and local places I can find it. This will definitely be my downfall in the process of trying to lose weight. Wish me luck!!! This is the best carmel popcorn I have ever eaten in my life.... (Posted on 4/25/14)
love it Review by sha
Product rating
This popcorn is simply delicious. (Posted on 4/6/14)
Pretty tasty Review by Tink20
Product rating
Like this flavor the 2nd best out of the 4 I have tried. (Posted on 1/8/14)
OMG!!! Review by Jan
Product rating
I am very picky about my caramel popcorn, but this is the best I have ever tasted. I found my first cone at Bristol Farms, liked the packaging and thought I would give it a try. Heaven on earth and the most perfect caramel corn ever. Big kernels, perfectly coated with butter and sugar. It is my special treat on my diet cheat days... and boy do I cheat with this product. (Posted on 9/25/13)
Popcornopolis Addict Review by JenCheck
Product rating
I got a free sample of the caramel corn at Sam's Club and was amazed at the fresh, buttery taste. It tastes like homemade- the best homemade popcorn you ever tasted! It is a bit expensive, but it is worth the price. The pure ingredients they use are not cheap, I know. They also have good sales, so watch for those. It is a wonderful gift for those hard-to-buy-for people, or people that you don't know that well (like your boss or co-workers). I can't imagine anyone not loving the flavor! (Posted on 5/22/13)
I Looove this caramel corn! Review by PopcornAddict
Product rating
I am HOOKED. I swear you guys must have an addictive ingredient in your caramel corn. I had a favorite place to get caramel corn in Chicago. They were unbeatable. They were my fav for 20+ years. Well, the sales clerk at Blockbuster told me that I had to try this and now I can't get enough. I could eat an entire bag in one day. But, everything in moderation. This is really testing my willpower. (Posted on 5/22/13)
Caramel Corn Review by Addicted to the Caramel
Product rating
I am sooooo ADDICTED to the Caramel Corn! Can't stop eating it! Help!!! No, I take that back...I don't need help. I need more Caramel Corn!! (Posted on 4/30/13)
AMAZING Review by Mia
Product rating
My mom's friend visited Manila from the States and gave us Popcornopolis and omg, I am TOTALLY in love with the caramel corn. It's not soggy like other caramel popcorns, it's very crisp and full of flavor!! Best ever.

I AM ADDICTED!!! I wish there was Popcornopolis back here! (Posted on 4/1/13)
Best caramel corn EVER.... hands down! Review by Sharon
Product rating
Stumbled upon this at my local Blockbuster not expecting to become instantly ADDICTED!!! If I'd seen the price, I probably wouldn't have bought it, but it IS worth EVERY PENNY and if you love caramel corn you HAVE to try won't regret it! The reviewer that said 100 stars is exactly right...Indulge and enjoy! (Posted on 3/23/13)
Product rating
OMG!!!!!! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!! ITS THE BEST CARAMEL CONE EVER!!!! (Posted on 3/22/13)
Fantastic Product Review by MHorn
Product rating
Wow, my father was at the Greenwood Shopping Center in Greenwood, Indiana. He found this fantastic product. I went through 3 cones of Carmel Pecan and was astounded at the taste. I was even more surprised that it didn't have a lot of uncooked kernels. Now we find out that this Franchise closed. Thank goodness for the Internet. Sent an email inquiring about making an on-line purchase and received a prompt response. Keep up the good work and great products. (Posted on 2/22/13)
The Best Popcorn Ever... Review by Kipper
Product rating
The Caramel corn is super crunchy all the way through each piece unlike some other brands where its soggy or soft in the center of the corn itself. Literally each piece is very crisp and doesn't become sticky over time like most other caramel corns. At most maybe you'd find two pieces stuck together but there aren't massive clumps so its more enjoyable. Their products really do last for a long time without disappointment. I forgot I left a bag in the pantry after being opened about 1 month ago and it still was very crunchy without any change in flavor! Also, the amount of popcorn in one jumbo bag is about the equivalent of one family size bag of Kellogg's brand cereal so it's enough for two hungry adults. Point being if you like Caramel Corn you won't be disappointed with this brand, it's worth it! (Posted on 2/17/13)
I loved this stuff!! OMG the flavor is so yummy!!! Was upset when I finished it lol Review by Melody
Product rating
this popcorn was the best I have ever tasted!! (Posted on 1/14/13)
NOTHING better! Review by Valatron
Product rating
I received gift bags from my boss for the holidays. I love caramel corn and have pretty much tried them all. I had a favorite, but when I tried the Popcornopolis' caramel corn... all bets were off! I am a new fan, and nothing else will do!

The caramel corn is a fluffy ball of flavor that coats my mouth with bursting flavors of butter and caramel. I may even try it in a bowl with milk for breakfast!
(Posted on 1/8/13)
freezes well Review by GrammySyd
Product rating
I put this popcorn in my freezer and it tasted fresh 6 months later. In addition, you don't have to thaw, you can eat right away, no thawing needed. Plus, the freezer is a good hiding place so others don't have easy access to it. (Posted on 11/24/12)
5 stars???? nnnnnoooo wayyyy!!! 100 stars Review by Raquel
Product rating
My review of this product is just grand Review by Tracy
Product rating
I walked upon this popcorn shop when I was visiting my brother at his J O B in CA. at Universal Studios.I am from Jackson MS.and fell in luv with the look of the store and the taste of the caramel corn. (Posted on 10/22/12)
Yum, yum, yum Review by Playtone22
Product rating
Had this at Costco and now I'm completely addicted. Only wish I could buy a whole thing of the caramel instead of the variety pack. (Posted on 9/29/12)
a few months back, sampled some at SAM'S Club, bought 2 bags, then, at the same store last week, saw your display, bought 2 more, ate 'em both in a week. Am totally addicted, need more, now. Review by pnkflydqhs
Product rating
1st sampled this at SAM'S Club, immediately bought 2 bags, craved more, then last week saw more at the store, 'n bought another 2 bags, 'n ate 'em twice as fast, 'n now am out 'n havin' severe withdrawal, will order, but, don't know how long I can hang on 8<) (Posted on 6/28/12)
Holy Popcorn Batman! Review by Lsudreamer
Product rating
Sampled the caramel popcorn at Sam's and had to pick up 3 cones! Now I am stuck here in Houston (hoping and waiting and praying) that you come back to my Sam's store! I am addicted! I place an order and it kills me to wait for it to ship to me! (Posted on 5/17/12)
Caramel Corn Review by lynn
Product rating
I purchased this caramel corn for my Mom's birthday in March cause I know she loves it - now she is totally addicted and she cannot keep it away from my Dad (he has never been a caramel corn fan until this) - now I know what to ship them both for holidays - no other caramel corn will do now - I still haven't had a chance to taste it - when I go to visit its gone. thanks for the awesme corn!!!! (Posted on 5/7/12)
Love this popcorn Review by Holly
Product rating
If there was a SIX stars I would give it, this product deserves it! Samples at Costco got me hooked! Very fresh - way better than the box brands! (Posted on 3/30/12)
Awesome - Incredible Review by picky
Product rating
This is the best caramel popcorn i've ever had. It's amazing. Can't put it down! A little pricey but, it's worth it. (Posted on 2/23/12)
I was at Sams Cub and sampled 2 little pieces and had to buy a bag! Wow Review by Shawn
Product rating
I thought I was eating Garretts popcorn! Amazing (Posted on 2/17/12)
Excellent Review by Rebecca
Product rating
BEST CARAMEL CORN EVER....could go broke keeping this in stock!
(Posted on 2/13/12)
bring it on Review by cofboard
Product rating
I have never tasted carmel corn better than this. My challenge will be in finding where I can get it locally since you show no one in western NY state that sells it. Can I become a distributor? (Posted on 2/3/12)
I've created a monster! Review by SusanK
Product rating
Turned my mom and dad onto this popcorn--they LOVE it--now I have to keep ordering every month!! Then I have to throw in a couple for me too......VERY worth it! (Posted on 1/29/12)
Even the crumbs are good! Review by Connie
Product rating
OMG! This is the best Carmel popcorn I've eaten! The crumbs are even good!!
Can't wait to purchase more! (Posted on 12/31/11)
SO AWESOME!!!1 Review by Emily
Product rating
Truly the best caramel corn i've ever had. DELICIOUS (Posted on 12/19/11)
Great taste and fresh!! Review by Maddy
Product rating
Bought this first at Costco. Best popcorn I ever tasted! (Posted on 11/10/11)
Awesome ! Review by Tracy
Product rating
First time at I had this was at Las Vegas Show..OMG best Carmel popcorn I have ever had. Went on the web-site can not wait to order more ..I am addicted ....scary :) (Posted on 9/8/11)
Good to the last POP Review by Jewell
Product rating
I can only order off your website and it's easy, and I LOVE CARAMEL CORN! This will truly impress anyone! They have the best all around POPCORN. Have been ordering and eating this Popcorn for years and never ever any kind of trouble ordering and sending this for gifts. Go ahead send some and impress someone! (Posted on 8/26/11)
sxcymike Review by Yum
Product rating
The caramel is truly the foundation of success, next to cheddar, it cant be beat. Love how they combine other flavors with it (Posted on 8/20/11)
Amazing! Review by Ronajay
Product rating
This is, by far, the best caramel corn I have ever eaten. I tried it for the first time at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and was thrilled beyond words that it is available on line so I can buy it from my home in Oregon! Woohoo! (Posted on 7/29/11)
Mark Review by Mark
Product rating
This stuff is incredibly addicting! Unlike any Caramel popcorn i've had before! (Posted on 7/8/11)

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