The best tasting fundraiser ever .

A picture of Zebra® kernel. A picture of a kernel flavored Kettle Corn. A picture of a kernel flavored Caramel Corn.

Classic Brochure Fundraiser

Once you complete your registration with our partner Gateway Fundraising, you will receive brochures for your sellers and you will be ready to start selling our yummy popcorn. Your sellers collect orders and payment. At the end, you place one simple order and deliver to your customers.

2 gourmet popcorn kernels, Kettle and Cheddar Cheese

Taste and Quality .

From the very beginning, we’ve used only the finest ingredients, our own original recipes and small-batch cooking processes. Our popular Caramel and famous Zebra popcorn, with stripes of white and dark confectioner’s chocolate, put Popcornopolis on the map, and our dedication to taste and quality will ensure your supporters come back year after year.

kids snacking on Popcornopolis® gourmet popcorn together

Fundraising never tasted so good.

Start Your Fundraiser.

The Popcornopolis team at Barcel USA is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Gateway Fundraising to support our fundraising business. Gateway Fundraising is a well-established company and has been successfully working with fundraising customers for over 40 years.

Get started with our Partner Gateway Fundraising

Below you will find their contact information to get your fundraising event started.
Call at 909-476-7870 and ask for Veronica or email at [email protected]
Contact Gateway Fundraising today to start your new fundraiser.
Active Fundraisers If you have questions about an existing fundraiser or need to check the status of your order with Popcornopolis, please contact our Fundraising team at: [email protected]

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