There’s a legend at large and it’s coming your way… Unicorn Popcorn!

We at Popcornopolis are happy to share this new variety of magic with the world, an indulgent popcorn inspired by myth and made deliciously real by our team of culinary wizards. It’s more than a snack, it’s a sweet feast of dreams for kids big and small.

For centuries, unicorns have been storied as beautiful creatures with transformative powers and we still love seeing them today, as a symbol of sweetness, fantasy and fun.

We thought, “Who better to capture the sweetness, fantasy and fun of unicorns than Popcornopolis?”

So we’re blending that spirit into every batch of Unicorn Popcorn. It’s concocted with imagination, coating each crunchy kernel with soft lemony icings and the fruity fantasy of all-natural flavors. Its candy-cloud colors grab your attention almost as quickly as you’ll grab the next handful. And its transformative taste takes you to another place and time, where you might even forget you’re indulging in a gluten-free treat, made with 100% non-GMO American-grown corn, just like all of Popcornopolis’ gourmet goodies.

Is it for kids? Sure – the kids in all of us! That’s who we want to please, and you’ll know it as soon as you see it. Just in time for the holidays, we’re bringing it to you in rainbow-and-ribbon-themed mini cones by the case (perfect for stuffing stockings and gift baskets this season) and regular and jumbo cones, each one a charming tribute to the unicorn’s magical horn. We’re also giving St. Nick a ride on the rainbow trail, with a high-flying Santa making merry on a 2-gallon Unicorn Popcorn Tin (that’s enough fantasy to fill 20 grown-up castle dwellers).

Order Unicorn Popcorn today – and enchant tastebuds with this new fantastical favorite!