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Popcornopolis Unicorn Popcorn® is a magical treat beyond compare! Each bite blends the sweetness of dreams, with the fantasy of fruitiness. Made with natural berry and lemon flavors and the outrageous colors to match! Iced with creamy splendor and guaranteed to delight every young princess and aspiring wizard—and the inner child within us “grown-ups” too! Try Unicorn today!

More Specifics:

  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO Corn
  • Nutrition Facts available upon request.
  • 6 month shelf life
  • Regular cone contains 11oz/312g (11 servings)


Latest Customer Reviews:

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  • on Sep 30, 2019
    Renee wrote:

    I received the sample of this popcorn and it was amazing!! The saying is true never judge a book by its cover. It taste like fruity pebbles cereal with a pop of frosting. SOOO GOOD! Popcornopolis Replies: We are gl...

  • on Jul 15, 2019
    Josh wrote:

    At first it wasn't my favorite flavor but it really grew on me as I went through my sole ordered cone faster and faster! Got a nice fruity flavor to it. Very delicious. Just ordered more tonight!

  • on May 11, 2019
    The Duke wrote:

    It’s like a flavor explosion in my mouth! My children loved it instantly and it’s the cutest packaging ever! Well done popcornopolis!!

  • on May 06, 2019
    New Lemon Fan wrote:

    I’m not that big of a fan of lemons, but you guys changed my mind.

  • on Apr 18, 2019
    Bridget wrote:

    Wonderful love the yellow pieces! Popcornopolis replies: We are thrilled you're loving the lemony Unicorn Popcorn kernels, enjoy!

  • on Mar 29, 2019
    JayLove wrote:

    This popcorn right here is the Bomb, my first time trying it, and I love it !!!!!!! Popcornopolis replies: Thanks for loving Unicorn Popcorn!

  • on Mar 27, 2019
    Kismet wrote:

    I love this fruity sweet popcorn! I bought it as a fundraiser and was pleasantly surprised. I am headed to the mall today to get some more. Popcornopolis replies: Enjoy!

  • on Mar 15, 2019
    Donna B wrote:

    AMAZING!!! Popcornopolis replies: We're thrilled you're loving this lemony magical treat!

  • on Jan 02, 2019
    Haley wrote:

    First timer here. We loved this flavor. Fruity and creamy goodness. Popcornopolis replies: We're thrilled you're loving our Unicorn Popcorn, happy snacking!

  • on Dec 03, 2018
    Brianna wrote:

    Fruity, lemony goodness. Not like anything I've tasted! Popcornopolis replies: We're thrilled you're loving our latest magical recipe!