• Classic
    5-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    Our classic 5-cone POPCORN gift basket comes beautifully wrapped and ready to give, but it's the five favorites inside that will preserve your place in the Gift Giving Hall of Fame. Reason? These are the flavors that made Popcornopolis famous—the top five of all time, including the decadent Zebra Popcorn. And every one promises an amazing taste experience all by itself.

  • 30 Snack Bag
    Variety Pack

    Perfect for everyday snacking—this big box contains 30 individual snack bags of three of our favorites: Buttered Up! (9 bags), Kettle Corn (9 bags), and of course, the ever-popular Nearly Naked (12 bags). Buttered Up is for anyone who says that popcorn isn’t popcorn without butter! Well, we’ve taken your favorite theater snack, cleaned up its act and made it better. It’s lightly drizzled with clarified butter and topped off with just the right amount of salt. Our authentic, Kettle Corn acheives the perfect sweet and savory balance. Enjoy the simple goodness of this uniquely American original, as only Popcornopolis can bring it! And what would life be without the indulgence of Nearly Naked? You’ll never find truer flavor, or a more satisfying crunch, than what’s waiting inside these 12 bags. And it’s just what the name implies: farm-fresh popcorn in all its natural glory, with no more than coconut oil and the perfect amount of salt to highlight its exceptional flavor.

    5-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket

    Customer favorite! Our classic 5-Cone Popcorn Gift Basket comes beautifully wrapped and ready to give away. Inside, are the all-star Popcornopolis flavors that made our company famous. Prepare yourself for some serious praise when you present this gift basket to someone special. Includes 5 Regular-Size Cones of Gourmet Popcorn:Caramel Corn (10 oz):  The soul-satisfying family popcorn recipe that made us famousCheddar Cheese (4.5 oz): Genuine cheddar cheese explodes in every biteCinnamon Toast (10 oz): Crunchy, cinnamon-sweet triumph that tastes like homeKettle Corn (4.5 oz): Perfect balance of salty and sweetZebra® Popcorn (11 oz) + $2: Chocolate-striped caramel corn decadence 

    3.5-Gallon Popcorn Tin

    At a whopping 3.5 gallons, this festive 3-way popcorn tin is a sensible way to keep a generous supply of up to 3 Popcornopolis varieties on hand. Compared to our 2 gallon tin, you get 75% more popcorn for just $10 more. Now THAT’s value! Shown with three of our most-loved flavors: Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn and Zebra® Popcorn—or create your own mix.

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