Winter Holiday Gift Guide .

‘Tis the season to celebrate the magic of giving. Join us in spreading warmth and happiness this holiday season, one delicious popcorn kernel at a time. Embrace the spirit of generosity and make your Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, or winter holiday celebration unforgettable.


Pictured gourmet popcorn. 8 minis popcorn cones. 3 Caramel Corn, 2 Kettle Corn and 3 Cheddar Cheese. MiniConeC24 ClassicStripe Caramel PLP Hero Silo 01

Premium Mini Cones .

Be prepared for a multitude of occasions with a case of 40 snack-sized Mini Popcorn Cones. These delicious treats feature our best selling flavors; perfect for giving individually or as holiday party decor or snacks.

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Holiday Favorites.

Our best selling popcorn gifts for the holiday season

Tall Cones

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Mini Cones

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5 Cone Gift Basket

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12 Cone Gift Basket

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Mini Cone Premium Assortment

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2-Gallon Tin Classic Assortment

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2-Gallon Tin Caramel

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5 cone gift basket

Gift Baskets .

Celebrate the winter holidays with our Popcorn Gift Baskets. Overflowing with flavors that evoke the enchantment of winter festivities especially Christmas, it’s a delightful way to share warmth and joy. Let the season’s magic unfold with every crunchy, delicious bite.

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Your Winter Holiday.

Find the gift that will light up your holiday season


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Popcorn Gifts.

Find the right gift at the right price this holiday season

Gifts under $60

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Gifts under $100

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Gifts over $100

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Tin of Popcornopolis® gourmet popcorn assorted cheese caramel

2-Gallon Tin for your Christmas Occasions .

Wrap up the spirit of Christmas and all your favorite winter holidays with our Popcorn Tins. These festive tins are filled with a medley of flavors that’ll make your heart sing. Share the joy of the season, one delicious handful at a time.

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Picture of a gourmet kernel flavored Caramel and Zebra® Popcorn topped with white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Idea 1 .

Thoughtful Gifts

A thoughtful gift is a heartfelt gesture that shows you care, chosen with the recipient’s interests and happiness in mind. Consider sharing a universally enjoyed and versatile gift that reminds them of the holiday season.

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Idea 2 .

Holiday Party Must-Haves

At your heartwarming gatherings where friends and family come together to share laughter, create cherished memories, and spread festive cheer, consider serving this crowd-pleasing, easy to serve snack.

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Idea 3 .

Stocking Stuffer

Tuck a small and delightful surprise into their Christmas stocking this year. These popcorn treasures will add extra excitement and anticipation to their Christmas morning.

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Idea 4 .

Corporate Gifts

Give popcorn as a thoughtful token of appreciation to your valued business to clients, employees, partners, or associates this holiday season.

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Idea 5 .

Office Party Treats

A holiday office party is an opportunity to foster camaraderie and appreciation among colleagues. Share this versatile and nostalgic popcorn. It’s sure to please even your pickiest coworkers.

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Idea 6 .

Gift Decoration

Mini cones add a yummy layer of thoughtfulness and excitement to all gifts making them truly special.

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Idea 7 .

Host or Hostess Gift

Give a thoughtful gesture of appreciation and gratitude to the person who has graciously welcomed you into their home this holiday season.

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Idea 8 .

Classroom Party Favors

Give a heartwarming token of holiday spirit. Help them express friendship and celebrate the season of giving together.

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Pictured gourmet popcorn. 8 minis popcorn cones. 3 Caramel Corn, 2 Kettle Corn and 3 Cheddar Cheese. MiniConeC24 ClassicStripe Caramel PLP Hero Silo 01

Create Your Own Cone Assortment .

Embrace the winter holiday spirit with our Popcorn Cones. Create your own flavor-packed assortment, making it a unique gift for Christmas and other seasonal celebrations. Share the magic of the holidays, one mini cone at a time. It’s the perfect way to add a sprinkle of joy to the season.

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Our best selling flavors

Caramel Corn

Indulge in the rich, buttery sweetness of our delectable caramel corn popcorn – a perfect blend of crunch and caramel bliss
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Kettle Corn

Savor the irresistible balance of sweet and salty with our kettle corn popcorn – a delightful snack that's both crispy and crave-worthy
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Cheddar Cheese

Cheesy perfection awaits! Enjoy our cheddar cheese popcorn for a savory, sharp, and satisfying snacking experience
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Indulge your sweet tooth with our chocolate-flavored popcorn. A delightful mix of cocoa goodness and crunchy delight in every bite
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Pictured gourmet popcorn. 8 minis popcorn cones. 3 Caramel Corn, 2 Kettle Corn and 3 Cheddar Cheese. MiniConeC24 ClassicStripe Caramel PLP Hero Silo 01

Can’t Decide? Try our Premium Mini Cone Assortment .

Premium mini cone assortment is an easy-to-share gift that will delight friends and family of all ages. Say hello to hassle-free holiday fun. Grab these crowd-pleasing treats and be the person everyone remembers this holiday season.

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