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Wisdom is learning a lot of things we used to know.   - Noah benShea

Our heart knows what our mind only thinks it knows.   - Noah benShea

The best way to find a friend is to be one.   - Noah benShea

Listening is often the most important thing we can say to someone.   - Noah benShea

Being where you are is the best way to get where you are going.   - Noah benShea

Loving life is prosperity of the heart.   - Noah benShea

Put your faith and not your fears in charge.   - Noah benShea

A great person is anyone who has the courage to be a better person.   - Noah benShea

When we offer others harbor, we calm our own storms.   - Noah benShea

Hope for the best and make peace with the rest.   - Noah benShea

Success isn’t ahead of you, it is within you.   - Noah benShea

A fortune can be buried in misfortune.   - Noah benShea

An eternity is any moment opened with patience.   - Noah benShea

Love yourself when you fail, and you will succeed.   - Noah benShea

Life tends to smile on those who smile back.   - Noah benShea

Roses have thorns, but thorns also have roses.  - Noah benShea

Real wealth is gratitude for what we already have.   - Noah benShea

Love is a ladder. It allows us to climb out of ourselves.   - Noah benShea

Things don’t have to be good for us to be great.  - Noah benShea

Families are like quilts: One generation is stitched to the next.   - Noah benShea

Welcome to Popcornopolis: Makers of The World's Best Gourmet Popcorn.

Why this popcorn tastes so good.

Here at Popcornopolis, we blend old-fashioned caramel, zesty cheddar, and confectioner’s chocolates into delicious mouthwatering treats for you. Our beautiful packaging holds that bigtime crunch for months, so you can share the joy and give awesome gifts year round.

Build a custom flavor assortment.

With our new website it’s easy to build a custom gift assortment of popcorn cones! Lots of sizes and flavors to choose from. But the big news is, the more you buy, the more you save! Save up to 20% by buying in quantity! Build-Your-Own Assortment now!

Gifts for every holiday and occasion.

Our expanded lineup of gift baskets and tins makes Popcornopolis is your go-to source for thoughtful gifts year round. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, or “just because”, check out our Gift Baskets and Party Tins sections for great gift ideas. 

Only the best ingredients for you.

Popcornopolis is a certified Gluten Free facility, and all our recipes are similarly certified. Our popcorn is Non-GMO, and popped in the finest pure coconut oil, for a flavor and crunch that’s unsurpassed. We continue our commitment to use only the finest ingredients in every category.