Frequently Asked Questions

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We sure do! Along with the millions of free popcorn samples we’ve handed out during our Costco Roadshows and Tastings over the years, you can also sample any of our gourmet recipes at Popcornopolis retail stores — fresh from the warmers, and absolutely FREE! Visit us anytime and they're yours for the asking. Although we can't offer you free samples online, our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can order with confidence!

“Gourmet” is a word used to describe food made with high-quality ingredients and expert preparation. It also refers to a person who enjoys and is familiar with gourmet foods and artful cooking. So if you enjoy the taste of Popcornopolis gourmet popcorns, you may be a gourmet yourself!

Yes! If you’re on the lookout for gluten-free snacks, everything we make is certified gluten-free. Popcornopolis is a certified gluten-free facility.

There are many ways to pop popcorn – and for the culinary experts at Popcornopolis, coconut oil wins, hands down. Popping kernels in high-grade coconut oil gives our popcorn a buttery taste, and the classic crunch our fans have enjoyed for decades.

Popcorn is a special type of corn, with each kernel holding water inside a hard-shelled “hull.” When the popcorn is heated, the pressure builds, the kernel explodes, and…pop! You’ve got a puffed-up, crunchy snack. We pop our corn in coconut oil to give it a buttery taste and a satisfying crunch.

Most American popcorn is grown in the “corn belt” – which includes Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas. We’re fortunate to work with expert, caring Midwestern farming families who harvest the highest quality of kernels for our gourmet recipes.

Yes, Our Nearly Naked and Kettle Corn products are certified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.

Yes! Popcornopolis Kettle Corn, Organic Kettle Corn, Nearly Naked popcorn and Organic Gourmet popcorns are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. The OU is the world’s most recognized and trusted kosher certification agency.

Our popcorn is popped fresh daily, and packaged as soon as it cools! So while regular popcorn might last a few weeks, Popcornopolis guarantees freshness for 6 months in any of our sealed, unopened packages (cones, snack bags and popcorn gift tins). Between snacking, we suggest keeping the package tightly sealed to retain maximum freshness.

On our packaging, or contact customer service at 800-767-2489 with your specific product information requests.

Go where the love is: Popcornopolis! We’re known for our delicious gourmet gifts but you deserve a gift, too – treat yourself to any of our unique popcorn varieties, ranging from time-honored and tasty to indulgently innovative. We’re so convinced you’ll love what our chefs cook up, we guarantee you’ll find our popcorn 100% delicious!

The best gift you can give anyone is love, caring and thoughtful consideration. For a delicious way to say it all, give the gift of Popcornopolis. It’s popped with love, seasoned with care and packaged with thoughtful consideration of fun, style and presentation.

By all means, bring yourself! Everybody wants to see you. You’ll also want to bring something for everyone to enjoy. Popcornopolis gourmet gift tins are the perfect plus-one for all kinds of get-togethers, from small dinner gatherings to Super Bowl parties. By bringing one of our attractive tins that serve up to 35 popcorn lovers in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, you’ll be noted as a guest of honor and crowd-pleasing generosity.

Take a look at our corporate gift catalog -- in it, you’ll find numerous ways to show business clients, contacts and co-workers your appreciation, while ensuring they remember you, too. With business gifts for every budget, convenient discounts and personalization options, Popcornopolis makes corporate gift-giving easy. Request more info.

Popcornopolis recipes are popped in coconut oil, which is a classified as a tree nut, and several of our recipes include almonds or pecans. At least one of our flavors includes peanut butter. So customers with nut allergies should be extremely cautious. Similarly, the Popcornopolis facility processes soy and milk products. Please read the allergen statement printed on our packaging for the most product-specific and up-to-date information.

Our 2-Gallon Popcorn Tin serves popcorn for 20 or more people. Our 3.5-Gallon Tin serves 35 or more.

We offer three cone sizes on this website and in our retail locations…

Our cute-as-a-button Mini Cones make great small gifts, party favors, stocking stuffers, office handouts, and more. Measuring 11” tall, each contains a single serving of popcorn and weighs between .87 and 2.7 oz depending on the flavor. Sold in our mini gift baskets and convienent cases of 40.

Regular Cones make delightful holiday, birthday or hostess gifts year-round. At 17” tall, each holds between 2.75-12 oz depending on the flavor you select. Featured in Popcornopolis Gift Baskets and available in Custom Assortments and our convenient Cones-by-the-Case discount program.

At over 21” tall, Jumbo Cones are an amazing value – about 60% more popcorn for just a couple bucks more. Perfect for larger families, parties and gatherings! Depending on the flavor selected, they weigh between 7.5 and 20 oz, and contain up to 20 servings! Jumbo Cones are offered in Custom Assortments, and on our Shop-By-Flavor page.

Solid food items, including popcorn, can be transported in carry-ons or checked baggage. However, always check with TSA for the latest updates on food and travel restrictions, and know that the final decision of item allowance rests with the TSA officer at checkpoint.

For all shipping and delivery questions, please see our shipping information page, or call our friendly customer service team at 800-767-2489.

Yes, sales tax is charged on orders shipping to Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Massachusetts, Kentucky and New Jersey.